ngâh1ŋɤhunknown meaningNgâh u–ôi, “Day lâyq châm cui.”That is, he replied, “I can’t carry it.”Callúng ngâh ndóung dáng cruông daq.In some?? time in a river valley.Tambây lâyq vi lư táq ngâh xáq, ucháh âh nưm.Haphazardly hasn’t really fought such?? demons, he chopped it only.Kếh ngai cou ngâh itiêh uih tua.So they because just?? one ignites fire in treetops.Ikếh he tông ngâh tar–a.Like that we speak just?? in order to discuss.Vi yu campay cư nnâh cucheit kếh patun do ân yôl tumóung, do plây cha cư ân chêt két nưm ngâh mâh phân cư.For example my wife dies so they give offertory for the one who remains alive, he buys eat to me that dead a little only just?? a part of me.Lâyq idyoun ân ngâh callaq mmo .Not to give that any?? worry at all.

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