coat1kṵatvt1tie a knotcfcloinomi: parcloi; recp: tarcloitóung2pa dial.: kín; nomi: patóung, partóung; recp: tartóung; invol: tatóung2decide as a group, or as judgeHe dyê viêt uráq ado ape chom na canoat ân he coat ngcốh.We have written a letter to them to let know the decision that we decided now.Arâq he tanghúng ính táq ariêu, cốh dyê cammáng ê náq icốh dyê tông, cốh ngcốh cư plốh ipe ingay mmo lư icoat?Like we discuss wanting to make a feast, so after listening to many opinions, then I ask you which day you will really decide.Imo hôi he coat parnai nám lâyq yốh he plốh anha lâyq yốh he tar–a?How can we decide an issue if we haven’t yet questioned and debated?Liken decisions as tieing knots, i.e., tying the matter down.cfcacháq thét7.5.4Tie

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