bóuhbṵhvt1roast in fire; roast in ashesUcút, bóuh, cha xéich adơaih.He cut, roasted and ate monkey meat.cfângnomi: par–âng; recp: tar–âng; invol: ta–âng; rep: a–âng; nomi: ntângcatau1caxeicsit: caxeic boaiqeaihtacóuh5.2.1.1Cooking methods2burnNgai dông bóuh pruaq tốq uih.They took and burned it up in the fire.synchóng bóuh5.5.4Burn4.9.5.4Religious ceremony3burn incenseNdóung Xacari bóuh kicul cốh ngai canńh át dáng taltiêh canưi.When Zechariah burned incense, the others stayed outside praying.5.5.4Burn

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