DUP.CVN-CəNv.pfxrepetitive, general, habitual actionHe pôc papéinh nno tang-hiêng nno ngai chanchóng.We went hunting in the summer the season when they burn.This prefix generally reduplicates the first C (consonant) and V (vowel) or CC and V of a one-syllable verb. In some cases, the prefixed vowel is different from the main syllable vowel, e.g., xot reduplicates as xixot, probably because /s/ has a palatal quality that favors /i/. Other cases are probably due to various histories. The N (nasal) in reduplications such as tantéich ‘selling’ and chanchơng ‘buying’ may also be buried in history for an etymologist to unearth.; This prefix occurs on active verbs rather than stative verbs.; Previously labeled Ra-.cfchichatatáqrt-v: táq

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