thétthɛtvs1wrongNgai lâyq cacháq thét lâyq cacháq thoat.They didn’t accuse of wrong didn’t accuse of wrong.Dyê idoq táq thét ado a–aq, cốh babor xua cha idau tingôi aki nnéh ân lâyq he hôm babor pôc ingay. After he had done wrong to crow, then babor lsearched to eat by night until the present that we don't see babor birds going by day.4.7.3Break the law8., unsuitable4.3.1.1Bad, immoral2incorrect; missedThét upéinh, lâyq cray.He missed, didn't shoot accurately.antcray2synchúr7.7.2Aim at a target

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