rlômʔər.loːmnsacred; holy, consecrated to spiritDyoun rlôm ado yang cơt.Offer a gift to the spirit of success.Only given to spirits (yang) that protect, give life, etc. not to demons.; Before given or used, cleanse the givers. only give new, unused, clean things, to please spirit and not to offend. If worn for any other purpose, it is polluted and no longer rlôm. ; When a child is born, a special set of clothes is bought and set aside for yang_cơt that gave the soul. For spirit to wear. Same for implements used in sacrifices.synpannuôihrt-v: puôih; spec: rlôm yangpuôihnomi: pannuôihcfcanânspec: khân canân, rnânkhânnomi: parkhân, rnân; recp: tarkhân; invol: takhânngâyqtoul1

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