parrouihpər.rṵːsnfornication; adultery; any kind of sexual sinDo kếh hôi ngai parrouih. Parrouih axâq cáh vi lư inô ntra kếh ikếh ngai tông parrouih a axâq ín thét, thét a–i át thét par–át a–i íh vi parrouih amâh.They can fornicate. There wasn’t adultery in the past so like that they said adultery is wrong, wrong for mother to stay, wrong to stay together with mother. There wasn’t any fornication. (meaning is unclear).cflâyq pheptapiêngsit: tapiêng campay/cayâq; sit: tapiêng talưi; recp: tarpiêngtarríheuph: lâyq phep; sit: acay tarríh ‘illegitimate child’

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