táqtaʔ1vtwork, do, make, build; act; fight; causeIngay tốq xéiq pứq o vi táq ado mêng, do bán mêng loi.When become grown big, it’s good to work for one’s self, he raises himself.Ape counh táq xu; ape cán táq xác, chóuh xán, chóuh póung….Men build houses; women do weeds, plant manioc, plant taro….Dyê idoq táq thét ado a–aq, cốh Babor xua cha idau.After doing wrong to Crow, so Babor hunts food at night.Táq arâq két (táq ngkét két).Act childishly, immaturely.Táq mpưt pưt.To act big.Ngki ngai xear táq pecon, ngai chât.Then they descended fought enemies, they speared.Translates with English ‘be’ in roles, e.g., táq_areaih ‘be chief’, but ‘do/act chief’ in Pacoh thinking.7Physical actions6.1Work2vtfight3auxcause

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