tingatiŋaː1vsclear, clean (of water); pure; transparent; intelligentDaq Tal–ay nong nong tinga, bưih a–âyh.The Tal–ay river is always clear, not dirty.antticálsit:daq ticál; sit:lom ticálsyntarlâng3.2.1.3Intelligent1.3.6Water quality1.1Sky2.1.1.1Eye2nbright; lightIlayh parnô llư rư tinga lât dyê ngai pôc tốq piday.Tomorrow morning early light they have already gone to the fields.antapulticálsit:daq ticál; sit:lom ticálsyntarlângtar–altarrôcfcláng1nga8.3.3Light1.1.1Sun

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