lenglɛːŋvs1hard; tough; can’t cutE.g., rock, ironwood; tough meat.antkinhômnhom 2sit: nhom lom1.2.2.2Rock8.3.6.2Hard, firm5.2.3Types of food2fighard hearted, indifferent, unwilling, reluctantNốh do lah Nang Tangức “tangức leng tứt ngưc lâyq châm nnau lóuc” arâq leng itayh along tốq cuteq.Her name is Nang_Tangức tangức is really hard--no one can pull her down, like the hardness of hammering a tree on the ground.antkinhômlnhonhom 1syncângcrêng lom3.3.1.6Determined

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