tartuaqtər.tuəʔ1prepamong themselves; between themselves; reciprocalAnáq cannính lom tartuaq acay counh moui acay cán, nám lâyq cannính lom a–i a–ám ma lâyq hôi bôn.Even though the hearts desire between a boy and girl, if not the desire of the parents, they can’t have each other.2advamong themselves; between themselves; each other; reciprocalNgai tartáq tartuaq.They fought each other., postpositions8. other; reciprocallyNcốh láh cou ngai chom tarpour pour tartuaq.That’s because they know how to help each other.Vi hôi taryoa tarcháp mbóuq (tartuaq).Able to admonish each other.cfmbóuqsit: táq mbóuq

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