i=2ʔidial. var.I=indfproclitic form of ngâh unspecified (UNS) or anaphoric subject, ‘one, they, you’ (Imp.)Bâl ixeang bâl ihâp, acâp carlâc nnáng daq!Enough wind, enough rushing, don’t make waves anymore water!Second person when used in commands and wishes; Can be used in a clause modifying a noun where English would use a ‘to’ or ‘for’ purpose clause, e.g., Cốh_upôc_tốq_nnong_itáq_piday. ‘Then he went to the woods to make a field.’ Carchóllâyq_chom_amâh_i–ính.C didn’t know what to want.’; I- appears to be the 2nd person imperative treating ‘wind’ and ‘waves’ as verbs. pronouns

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