a- [ʔaː] 1n.kin.pfx prefix for kin terms tiếp-đầu-ngữ bà con Avóuq: Vóuq Hiên cốh ivóuq Dưc tưi. Grandfather: Grandfather Hien is Dưc’s grandfather too. [As seen in the example, the parvóuq 'grandfather title' drops the a- while the possessive form replaces it with i-. Kinterms usually occur with a-, except when they are used as titles, or when replaced by i- indicating possession.] 2n.pfx prefix for body parts tiếp-đầu-ngữ phần cơ thể Anáq dyoat dyưng, lâyq châm tarlúq; anáq apúq ti lâyq châm tarteic,... Although crippled leg, so can't pull each other; although swollen arm so can't carry each other,... [Most nouns that begin with a- never drop the a-, making it questionable whether it is a prefix for them. However, others, such as kinterms and body parts often do, but never as citation forms. Some rules for dropping a- still need to be worked out.]

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