cốh₃ [koh] top topicalizer thì Icốh mbár cannóh cốh lâyq bôn ncháng hưt cốh anhêh dyê. Like that I don’t even have anything, even as much as tobacco. Ân práq cốh bưih tallưi cân – cân hưt nưm. The money then isn’t enough for a bundle of tobacco only. Cư ê lư proaq dáng dúng, ma proaq ân itáq parlayh Avóuq Rbang cốh dơi táq. I have a lot of work at home, but the work of doing God’s word TOP I still do. [The following examples seem to support the function of topicalizer; however, they are so few examples that it seems better to interpret the cốh as a displaced conjunction. Another possibility is that it is a rare borrowing of the topicalizer function of Vietnamese thì. In that case, we might expect this usage to become more frequent.] cf: ma. 9. Grammar

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