tốq [toʔ] prep 1in/at tại Te nnéh lâyq yốh tốq tốq carna cốh hôm dúng ape. From here not yet arrived at/to the road then will see their house. syn: plih, tu=, The second occurrence of functions as head of a prepositional phrase. 2until cho đến; cho đến; đến khi Iyư bán tốq xéiq acay ngkếh. Remember to raise that child until grown. Dyê ngai tốq tốq veil Betani,…. After they arrived at Bethany. 7.2.2. Move in a direction. Towards. Until. 9.2.4. Prepositions, postpositions. Goal (of movement) Translates as 'until' when followed by a stative verb.

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