papipapiːvitalk; converseContinuative of pi. 3.5.1Say3.5.1.4Speak with others

pipiːvttell; speak; converse; explainApe tammun plốh do, yoa do pi rcám ân do acám.The followers asked/ordered him to explain the parables he told.synlay2cfparnai1pithoarrt-v: thoartarcaoqrt-v:caoqtôngrep: tatông, tantông; recp: tartông; caus: patông; nomi: partông; recp: tartôngthoarnomi: tanghoar3.5.4.3Riddle3.5.4Story3.5.8.4Show, indicate3.5.1Say3.

tacang1takaːŋvtspeak; voicecftôngrep: tatông, tantông; recp: tartông; caus: patông; nomi: partông; recp: tartông3.5.1Say

tarchuqtər.cuːʔvtspeak evil of each other3.5.1Say

tôngtoːŋvt2sayBabor tông ado a–aq, tông, “May tran day anhuôi, au.”Babor bird said to crow, said, “You paint me first, okay.”Cốh ape tông ado Achít, “May mout tapun acho.”So they said to No.10, “You go in after dog.”Any speech following tông is direct speech.cfpiredup:papi papoi; caus:papi; nomi:parpi; recp:tarpi; invol:tapitacang1rt-n: cang; recp: tarcangtammông3.5.1Say

tumôihtumoːsvtremind; review; recite; tell about; praiseLla ính tumôih ki vi ngéq; lla Cantưi ính dyôn vi ngéq.Whatever want to speak of so have all; whatever Orphan wants to give he has all.Cang ân dyơr itông, tumôih.Clearing throat, reminds him of someone.Can be bad, but usually good thoughts/memories.synbâq13.5.1Say

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