atóuq roiqʔatṵʔ rɔːjʔnheartburn; impatient; anxious; strong feelings; upset3.

avayhʔawasadvbothersome; annoyingAcâp táq ngây lư; avayh acư.Stop making a lot of noise; it annoys me.

dóucdṵkviangry, annoyed, aggravatedFeeling in heart, though not expressed like pi–ốh. ; Not as strong as réngsynxóulcfpi–ốhrecp:par–ốh; pa pc dial.:pa–ốh3.

nhu nhaɲuː ɲaːadvannoyed, displeased, angry3.

pidóucpidṵkviannoyed; irritated; rage; aggravated; hot temperCou icốh cơt cư pidóuc pixóul ado ticuôi pang ngcốh.Because of that I became angry with that generation.

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