achoiqʔacɔːjʔnlarge back basket; large fish basketSome say smaller than atéh. synxang2pa dial.: achuicfachui2cl: lámapóq mung6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

achoiqback basket

adêngʔadeːŋnround winnowing basketDyeal adêng oum tro.Take winnowing basket and winnow grain.cfkhâng6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.2.6.1Winnow grain

adêngwinnow basket

adiênʔadiənntray; Khantoke tableWoven basket on stand used as serving tray for rice. baskets and mats5.2.2.8Eating utensil5.2.1.3Cooking utensil


adưʔadɯːnbasket on waist at back for carrying bushknife6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats


alounʔalṵːnnlarge picking basket carried at sidecfcariacl: lám6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats


alônʔaloːnnlarge picking basket carried at sidecfcariacl: lám6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

alơiqʔalɤːjʔnsmall basket for cooked rice6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

alơiqbasket for rice

apóqʔapɔʔnsmall, shallow basket6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

apóq mungʔapɔʔ muːŋnbasketcfachoiqpa dial.: achui6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

atéhʔatɛhnlarge back-basketNgáh atéh.Top of basket.Cháq atéh.Body of basket.Tung atéh.Bottom of basket. baskets and mats

atéhback basket

cadưkadɯːnbushknife-carrying basket on waist at back6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

calomkalɔːmnhamper type basket used for storing clothes, etc. baskets and mats


ca–oikaʔɔːjnwoven basket with small neck; fish basket6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats6.4.5Fishing

cariakariənshort basket worn on side to carry small stuffcfalouncl: lámalôncl: lám; pl dial.: aloun6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

crúhkruhnbig back basket; covered basket used for clothes storagecfxoun6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

chátcatndeep basket with handlesTwo strong men could carry full.cfcachít1xang2pa dial.: achui6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats


chraocraːwnbasketHui tanh achui tanh atéh, tanh adư tanh chrao.Skillful at weaving back-basket weaving back-basket, weaving knife-basket weaving ?-basket. baskets and mats

tanhtaːɲvweavecfclanhcaus:paclanh; recp:tarclanh; invol:taclanh; rep:caclanh; nomi:callanh6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

tileittilḭːtnbasket with three sections--put on like jacketXứp tileit.Put on tileit (like a shirt).Cốh nháng chou, chúh tileit rtróh.So we returned, took off baskets. baskets and mats


traotraːwnkind of basketcfapóuqcl: adéh6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

tứp1tɯpnsmall basket used to carry foodcfxoun6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

vangwaːŋnring at top of basket6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

xang2saːŋnlarge back basket; large fish basket3-4 atéh synachoiqpa dial.: achuicfcachít1chát6.6.4.2Weaving baskets and mats

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