tarpingtər.piːŋvbe jealous, envy; competingTốq hôm tapóuh ngcốh clứng tơai lơai, vaih te lom ape tarping, pakec dyóh parlayh ân do pahoc.When they saw the big crowd, they became jealous from their hearts and argued over what he taught.cfmarmauPronunc.Variant ofmâr maumâr mau3.

tarping ping

tarping pingtər.piːŋ piːŋnjealousycfmarmauPronunc.Variant ofmâr mau3.


mâr mau

mâr maumɤr mawmarmauvijealous; enviousNgéq ipe mâr mau alứng ngai cannóh.You are all jealous of other people.cftarpingrecp: tarping ping3.


carboaqkər.bṵaʔvnot want others to have or achieve3.


boaqbṵaʔvsjealous; covetoussynoan3.