pilốh2pilohvtdeceive; cheat; trick into complianceApe curu ngcốh táq ê callong ân khéh iên pilốh ngai.Those mediums did many magic tricks to deceive people.syndyucfa–oairecp: r–oaiayecdâu2padâmpiroupsit:doq piroup4.3.5.5Deceive


parlốh1pər.loh1vsdeceptive; deceivingCốh ma te callúng cốh pânh ân lom parlốh parliêng, pardâm parxiêm, táq ng-o-o xâng.But from within they are full of deceiving hearts, oppressing, and only pretending to be good.2ndeceptionDo chom mâq ân parlốh ndo ape.He saw clearly through their deception.cfliêu4.3.5.5Deceive


palưtpalɯːtvttrick or deceive into thinking there is danger so don’t go; warn away deceptively4.3.5.5Deceive


padâmpadɤmvtoppress; trick into compliance; give the run around; go back on word; renegecfpardâmpilốh24.3.5.5Deceive


liêuliəwvtdeceive; dupe, e.g., send on wild goose chaseArâq tông, Vi ngai ân ính tumúh may cốh pôc tốq cốh.Like saying, There are people want to meet you, so go there. (But no one is really there.)syntalúqsit: tông talúqcfparlốh1

ê tambír

ê tambírʔeː təmbiridiomtwo faced4.3.5.5Deceive


dyuʄuːvdeceive; put off indefinitely to avoid payingsynpilốh24.3.5.5Deceive



ayecʔajɛːkvdeceiveMươc ngai, acâp a–oai acâp ayec.Accept others, don’t lie don’t deceive.cfdâu2pilốh24.3.5.5Deceive