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A , anA or a, the first letter of the alphabet. The vowel " A / a ". Other vowels: e [a:] or schwa, i, o, & u. Consonants: b, k, d, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, ng, p, r, s, t, v, w, y, ' [glottal]. Borrowed: c, f, q, x, z. Note: Letters using umlaut or diaeresis sign ( ◌̈, ◌̤ ) are a: = schwa, written E, e. Phonetically, the e letter in Palawano is the Ä, which is also used to represent the ə (the schwa sign) in situations where the glyph is unavailable.The upside-down "e" symbol you always see in dictionary pronunciation guides. Pronounced "uh" or "ih". But for most orthographies, E & e are used to represent the schwa sound, and not Ä or ä. This is due more to printing limitations than accuracy.
a a lexeme1ndefinition 1 English of lexeme, Imp 8-15 2x, R8 run. /de review, /de 1. > /de program created gloss:. Flex errors fixed, 8-5. 190802 /rf>/bb root: 9k. 7/31/19 Reorder8.cct run to move /bb and others. /sn [empty] > /ps tbd [to be determined] on all Flex created Entrys. PB.db Into Flex 1/27/19. StuDic Out. AcadWL done, 12-14-18. IV Glottals Gone. 8.21.18, _a'a,u'u, u'e/a,i'a, i'e,i'i,e'a, LE: 8/18 Import fixes, /sd made problems, now in /na, Root words in /bb root: 4457 /rf & /bb 5073 entrys, 9,540 total roots.2vsecond definition.
-a'v-comsfxsuffix to create the command form of a verb, -a'. Also: -i' form. Must be followed by " myu ", or if singular actor then no pronoun is used [you understood]. See: -a' , -i' entry for expanded info, Main Entry.Isia'!Get it!Ani'!Come here!syn-i'
-a' , -i'1v-affsfxsuffix to create the command form of a verb. Must be followed by " myu ", or if singular actor then no pronoun is used [you being understood].Penlinga' menge' balu neng kelilibunan na tantung mengengeylangan.[You understood] Show-respect-[command] for the women who are widows who are really in need. 1Tim 5:3.
-a' , -i'2v-comsfxsuffix to create the command form of a verb. Must be followed by " myu ", or if singular actor then no pronoun is used [you being understood].Penlinga' menge' balu neng kelilibunan na tantung mengengeylangan.[You understood] Show-respect-[command] for the women who are widows who are really in need. 1Tim 5:3.penlinga' - [panling]or [telinga - ear/listen to], [You ] greet someone!; empuna' [forgive!], isia' -get it!]
aba'vblock, stop, get in the way of, obstruct way.synabar 1abar 1amayamayamay-amay 1amay-amay 1amay-amay 1apa'1apa'2 1apa'2 1apa'2 1apa'2 1apa'2 1apa'2 1apa'2 1apa'2 1apa'2 1atubandabandabelabag2 1belangka'belengkaenbinasabinresbinresbisara'bugew2bulag2 1bulaga'bulaga'eberemayemayemayemayemaygua'2indaninget-ingetingkutenkerendemankerendemankererasa 1laang2laang2labay 1medaag myumedaag myumegtuy2megua'2meguwa'mekeerimanmeregmismerupukneeriwara'nemulagnepikiranneresananpeamay-amaypebti'pebti'pebti'pebti'pebti'pebti'pegbebersanpegremdempegreresanenpegsempegenpegsesanggupanpegsesanggupanpegsesenggupanpegsusiya'pemulagpepeemay-emayanpepeemay-emayanperemdempetitimpuanpetitimpuanpusaka' 1rasa 1remdem1remdem2rendem 1sanggup 1sawey2senggupansenggupansetsaletsewarasewarasiwara'1siwara'2siwara'2siwara'2siwara'2siwara'2siwara'2siwara'2sumerien2susa 1tembel
abakanabaca, a plant used in making a variety of products, the most common product being rope (abaca or 'hemp' rope). Also known as Manila hemp.synenduramey
abakadanalphabet, There are 23 letters with sounds used in Palawano language. These are: a, b, [k], d, e, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, ng, o, p, r, s, t, u, w, y, and ' (grave accent is used for the glottal stop). Borrowed: c, f, q, x, z.Duwangpulu' telung litra neng beres pegusalen eset abakada neng Palawano. Itue ne menge' a, b, [k], d, e, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, ng, o, p, r, s, t, u, w, y, beke' ' [maya gehit mura tumngew, glottal stop].Twenty three letters of words are used in the alphabet of Palawano. These are a, b, [k], d, e, g, h, i, j, k, l, m, n, ng, o, p, r, s, t, u, w, y, and ' [there is mark to stop, glottal stop].The Pela'wan have their own alphabet developed centuries ago, but is not in common use or understanding. It is similar to Sanscrit in appearance.; The Glottal Stop is a unique consonant present in many languages around the world. It’s often represented as a lone ‘ (as in "Hawai’i") or as a question mark (?), but its official IPA symbol looks like this: ʔ . Hawaii is written as (/həwaɪʔi:/). Palwano uses: ' , as in e'e', yes. Some languages use the " q " as the symbol for the glottal stop. ex: Empuq, God. ' is U+02BB.synlitramenge' surat
abannsarong like cloth or skirt or dress, about 1.75 to 2 meters long and 1 meter wide sewn together at the ends to make a circular tube of cloth. Called a "tapis" (sarong), most often used by pregnant woman, or mothers with new babies to carry them, but can be used by anyone for almost anything. A vital part of the Palawano material culture. Women usualy have flowered patterns, and the men plaid patterns. These are given as gifts to newly weds.Binaban ye yegang ye et aban et tipused ye.She carries her child in sarong at her waist in the aban [tapis , sarong] of her sister.Megeban - to carry a child inside the cloth(tapis).; Pegebanen - someone is carrying his child inside the cloth on his waist.; Ipeeban - to let someone carry a child on his waist using a cloth.; Neeban - have been carrying his child inside his cloth(tapis).synbabababakudrunkudrunkudrunkudrunpaldapaldapaldapatadyungpatadyungpatadyungpatadyungpatadyungsarongsarongsayasayasayasayatadiungtadyung1tadyung2tadyung2tadyung2tadyung2tangu2tapis 1tapis 1tapis 1tapis 1tapis 1tapis 1tapis 2
abanenvcarry a baby in an aban sling, carry in a sarong over the shoulder.synbinaba' ne
abar1nnews, announcement, message, information brought,Maya abar dut ibang lungsud sabab et sumbang, angkasa kaya megdelek.There is news from the other village about incest, therefore there will be no rain.synaba'aba'ampang 1apa'2 1apa'2 1bandaberes 1beres 2binresbulaga'bunayag2buwardataemayemayepegtuldu'gakapgulanapipegretikesewrankulilal2laang2medaag myupabarpandu' 1pasal etpebti'pebti'pegbebersanpegsesanggupanpeindu'pemulagpengluluaan2peremdempetitimpuanpitnasanggup 1sararsawey2senggupansewarasiwara'1siwara'2sugidtultul 12vmake known, to give news,Pinabar ku si Kunsihal Sua ne' itung linggu surungan maya simba'.I told Council Sua there will be church this coming Sunday.Megabar - to announce the update/news.; Pegebaren - someone is announcing a meeting.; Ipeabar - to let someone announce the meeting.; Umabar - he/she announcing today about the meeting.; Neebaran - have announced the meeting, published, made known.; peabar, neabaran; to inform (give news), Acts 15:13, cf. 15:24synpitnaseudsewd 1
abar et Empu'nWords of God, news of God, message of God.synBeres et Empu'1
abatvget something out of a hole; to take out a thorn from the skin; 2. loosen a nut or bolt or screw to take it off [inabat]. Take off a nut or bolt by loosening it.Kaya lang *neabat ku kelang batu dut seled lugta', sabab mebegat.I did not take out the big rock from the ground, because it is very heavy.Megabat - to take out, get out stab on the skin.; Pegebaten - someone is taking out the thorns from his skin.; inabat ku tuirka - I took out the screw; Ipeabat - to let someone take out the thorns from his skin.; Umabat - he/she takes out the thorns from the skin.; Neabat - have taken out the thorns from his skin.anttenseksyngebutenlueksual
abayadjnear to or at the destination or place, reach the place, until he was reaches it,Angkansa, negde'dali' diminelagan si Pilipe, seked *nekabay.Therefore, Pelipe went-quickly ran, until going-along-*with-it. Acts 8.30.synabit2
abbuvbrag, boast, inflate, common form: megabbu, meabbu, homonym: abu - ashes [1 "b" vs 2 "bb"].Diki patut na kemyu *megabbu.It is not right that you *boast. 1Co 5:6.Kas kew peabbu*, mekisubu' dut menge' mebebaba' neng kebtangan. Kas kew peabbu.Don't you be proud/boastful*, associate with the lowly in circumstances. Don't be high-minded/conceited. Romans 12:16.Angkansa pesi samat pegsugiren dut kesuratan, "Ating Begerar *meipegpe-abbu et sebarang meyngin *megabbu."Therefore as it says in the scriptures, "The Lord is the one to boast* about for those who want to *boast." 1Co 1:31.PSV: ipegdakag.; agbu [Kemantian area],; pabbu = literally: turkey. meeabbu [abbu],synabu-abuagbubantug 1bantug 1bantug 1beliubeliubelyu2dakagdalo-dalodalo-dalodaludalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu-daludalu-daludalu-daludalu-daludalu-daludalu-daludalu-daludalu-daludalu-daludaweydaya' 1ikerekla'ikerekla'ikerekla'ipegabbu2ipegbebantugipegbebantugipegdalu-daluipegdalu-dalukelendewankunwarikwentokwentokwentolalulalu'lalu'lami pele'lalu'landewlurulurulurumaakalmabbumabbumeabbumeabbumeabbumeabbumeabbumeabbumeabbumeabbumeabbumeabu2meabu2meabu2meabu2meeabbumegabbumegabbumeggabbumeggabbumeglebimeglebimeglebimegpeabbumegpeabbumegpeabbumegpeabbumegpeabbumegpelalu'lalu'megpengdayewmegpengdayewmegpengdayewmegpengdayewmegpengdayewmendyarimendyaringmendyaringmengdyarimengdyarimepedalu'dalu'mepedekla' akumepedekla' akumetuturanmetuturanmetuturannepesintakpabupabu-pabupeabbupeabbupeabbupebebantugpebebantugpebebantugpebebantugpebebantugpebi'biri'pebi'biri'pebibiri'1pebibiri'2pedalu-dalupedalu-dalupedalu-dalupedalu-dalupegabbupegbeliu-beliupegbeliu-beliupegenepanpegpebiri'pegpelalu'lalu'pegpepelendewan 1pegseruruenpelalo-lalopelalo-lalopelalu-lalupelalu-lalupelalu'lalu'2pelalu'lalu'2pelalu'lalu'2pele'lalu'2pele'lalu'2pepebi'biri'2pepebi'biri'2pepebi'biri'2pepebi'biri'2pesing-siringpetaaspetaasseruru
abetnamulet, spirit-charm belt, made of string or cloth with small pockets which hold pieces of stone or vine, paper with writing on it inside. Protection against Satan, socerers, sickness, angry dead ancestors. One verified note: "This soul belongs to Satan".Si Diusin kusewran memaal et abet.Diusin knows how to make a spirit-charm.Megebet - to protect against Satan.; Pegebeten - someone is using protection against Satan.; Ipeebet - to let someone be protected against Satan.; Umabet - he/she is protected against Satan.; Neebet - have been protected against Satan.synabinabit2anting-antinganting-antinganting-antingbabadbakesbakesbakusbatu2bebarenbedbed2bedbed2betekbetekebet3ebet3ebet3egengaay3garaskeksegankependeyan1kependeyan2limbedmanasnapsu'2pegaku'pekekes2regtassigetsua'sugpat
abi'1interjExclamation: "Wow.".Abi', abi', melangkew aruplanu!Wow, wow, the airplane is high up!
abi'2prepBeside, on the side of, Near the side of road or path, near, beside, side of, offset from. Most common form: abit [abi' + et]. Also: kabi'.Mekabi' et dalan pegderetunan et parey ku.I put one sack of rice near the road.Megkabi' - closer beside, to set beside/close.; Pegkebien - someone is coming closer beside, sitting beside them.; Ipekabi' - to let someone come closer, to let someone set beside him.; Kumabi' - he/she comes closer to them, he is the one setting beside them.; Nepekabi' - have come closer to them, have been setted beside them.synabit2iged2intabi'kabi'mekabi'2tabi'tabi'tepad
abi'tprepnear by, next to, beside. Abi' + et = abi't, or abit.syniged2inilangtalib
abia'1vfind, look for , search for, detect, locate. 2. Trace the origin of something.
abia'2vlook for something, looked for, find, search for, trying to find something, locate it. See also: ebiya' & ebia' & bia' [way] alternate spellings and information.Pegebianen ye nelawa' neng lelaki.He looked-for the lost boy.See " ebiya' " for more information and examples.; Megebiya' - to look for something.; Pegebiyanen - someone is looking for his friends.; Ipeebiya' - to let someone look for your friends.; Umebiya' - he/she is looking for his friends now.; Neebya' - have looked, searched for friends.antpetagu'synabiya'1abiya'2abiya'2abiya'2biananbianenbinanbiri'biri'buklu'3bunayag2busiksikbusiksikdimdiamebia'2ebiya'2egeyelikatelikatepekepa'-kepa'hayagintunintura'intura'ipesewdlingew2mebiananmebiri'meintewtewanmeitamemiri'meninipi'menulusmeretenganmeretianmesbatanmeseuranmeseuranmetuktumekpandaw-pandawpayagpegseyekanpemiri'penandingpinemerita'sarungseyeksipatsipi'siyek3tarus 1tekantekedtengtangtengtengtiertiminiertindawar2tingnantulustulusentumek2tuudtuunugatenumbaley
abianenvlook for something, looked-for, find, locate. Alternate spelling: ebianen.Variant form: ebia'; pebiya', pebia' - through or by.antpetagu'synilang 1tulus
abidnraw skin, thigh skin rubbed raw from walking in wet "g" string, rash from rubbing.Abid ne kinyat ye sabab negbuag lang et mebasa'.His thigh skin is rubbed raw because he wears his gee string wet.Megabid - to rub his thigh skin from walking.; Pegebinan - someone's thigh skin is painful from rubbing.; Neabid - have been painful his thigh skin rubbed by his pants.synaras
abinncharm belt. Magic charm, spirit charm, amulet. See 'abet', and 'aban'. Abin is mostly PC dialect.synabetanting-antingbabadbebarenegengaraskependeyan2manasregtas
Abissnbottomless pit, Hell, Abiss as in Rev. 10. Narka' in PBV, also: diki mekira-kira rarem, Lit. never ending deepness.PBV: Rv 10-12; PS Liang na Karay Keskedan. PN kay mekirakira ne rárem.synAdisbasad2basad2dalangdelangdiki mekira-kira raremkereramanNarka'Narka'rarem3seled lugta'