Palawano B - English


C , cnC, the third letter of the English alphabet. Palawano B does not normally have a "c" in their alphabet, but they come in with borrowed words from other languages. "K" is is usually substituted for "C", or sometimes "S" for the soft "C". "ch" & "sh" sounds are often written as "ts", "titser" - teacher.
canalngroove cut into s.t., canal for water,synbiyak2biyak2nerwaknerwaksepak1sepak2tabed
carabaonwater buffalo, ox, See karabao full entry. Also:, see karbew [used], kalabaw, karaballa [female].synkarabaosapi'
carerranrace, run, fr. Span.synandardarakdereakanmetikasperarak2
cargancargo,ruran PCsynkesunuan 1luanmesunu'
cassettencassette type of tape for audio recordings, about 10cm x 8 cm x 1cm in size.synnobpuluradyo
CastillonSpanish people. See "Spanish" for more info.synEspanyolEspanyolSpanish
cell phonencell phone, an electrical device used for talking or texting another cell phone of someone else. A cell phone is a miniature [small] computer for personal use. Also: selpon.synkompyuter 1kompyuter 2midya 2radyoselfonetingkag2USB drive
ciudadncity, town, See: siudad, from: Span. See: siyudad for PB use.synbayanbunbunbunbunkebebenwanankebebenwananlungsodlungsud2lungsud2siudad
clipboardnstorage place on a computer to copy material to for cut & paste operations.syncopy and pastecut and paste
coden1code, set of rules for converting information. 2. system of rules to convert information (codification). 3. The language of computer programing, like Fortan, C, Java.synketulduan2rules to live by, like a code of conduct, like laws or traditions of a group.synaratsara' 1
concretonconcrete, cement mixed with aggregate of materials to make conrete.synholo blokseminto
copy and pastevcopy and paste, using a computer to copy material from one document to place elsewhere in another document.synclipboardcut and paste
coronancrown of a king or other royalty, 2. fire around the sun, the corona of the sun.synkurunapegpepelngan
cross reference1na reference to another text or part of a text, typically given in order to elaborate on a point. cross reference of one word to another word.2vprovide with cross references to another text or part of a text."entries are fully cross-referenced".
cross_reference_w_linksnTest entry for the /cf SFM.
cut and pastevcut and paste, using a computer to copy material from one document to place elsewhere in another document.synclipboardcopy and paste