Palawano B - English



E , enE e is the 5th letter of the Alphabet, following D, d. Phonetic symbol is the schwa [ ə ]. Pronounced as the u in bud, as in rose bud, or thud. Phonetically, the e letter in Palawano is the Ä or schwa [ ə ], which is also used to represent the ə (the schwa sign) in situations where the glyph [symbol] is unavailable. Glyph: a hieroglyphic character or symbol; a pictograph. Letters using umlaut or diaeresis sign ( ◌̈, ◌̤ ) are a: = schwa, written E, e. MS-DOS alt code alt+142 alt+132. The upside-down "e" symbol you always see in dictionary pronunciation guides. Pronounced "uh" or "ih". But for most orthographies, E & e are used to represent the schwa sound, and not Ä or ä. This is due more to printing limitations than accuracy.
e'advyes, yes of course.Ikew nengindaag megkulilal? E' pesi aku.You're won the song-contest? Yes of course I am the one.Menunga banar jeep ye in, sampay meispid nega, nebiri' ku kemyu kegapun dut tetebuan. E' pesi.Your jeep is nice, and it is very fast, I saw you yesterday in the market place. Yes of course.Also: e'pesi, ete, e' ne, e' be, e' gain.synasalbanar 1e'e'2sigi
e' , ee'vyes.26-1.antdikikayasynsigi
e' ga be katewadvyes indeed truly!E' ga be katew, na itueng pegkeradya myu tantu ki Kristo neng Begerar. Col 3:24.And it's really true, that this work of yours is really for Kristo the Lord.antdiki be!synee be'ee' be'
e' selusvYes, anyway?,already? Acts 20:29.
e'e'1advyes, yes of course.Also: e'pesi, ete, e' ne, e' be, e' gain.synasalbanar 1
e'e'2ptlYes, affirmative, correct, right, confirm, do it,Sereng ne ba' isugid myu ee', kwana, "Ee'." Etawa ba' isugid diki, kwana, "Diki."It's well enough if you are saying yes, say "Yes". Or if you are saying no, say "No". Jamws 5:12c.antdikikaaykayakeay1keay2syndiki mekediarie'lein lang!nunga 1sigisugatsugat!
ebabadjcutting off all hair; to burn everything in an area; to cut off all of ones hair.Ebab ne pegputek ku et buek ye.I cut off all his hair.wl35.synginrab
ebaganshoulders.Mesakit banar ebaga ku ba' mawa' ku megkeradia et uma ku dut bukid.After working on my fields my shoulder is pain.
ebannsynebenpengpelengpetadyungtapis 1
ebanenncloth for a child in a tadiung. (tapis).Ineban lang i Mercy badyu' ye eset yegang ye in.Mercy useed her dress for carrying her daughter.Pegebanen - someone is carrying the child on tadyung.synbebanen
ebangelistanevangelist, someone with the ministry of announcing the Good News of God for people. Teacher of the Good News of God.2Tim 4:5 PBQV & PCV.Kesukuan et sembatung mengengabar et Menungang Abar.; ibangilista PC.
ebasvsubside, recede, receeded flood. Dry up from flooding,Ebas ne menge' gumbang ganang timingew ga delek in.The waves subsided when the wind stopped.pegebas - receding, drying up,; nebas -synati'leleeslimina'nati'neti'netuugtuug4
ebebunsmell, odor.
ebegebegntoy top made from tebeg tree or bush.Menunga balen et belbengelan et keyegangan buwa' et tebeg.It's good to make a toy for the children from the fruit of the tebeg tree.wl35.
ebennsarong when worn hooked above breasts (see tapis).Mengelen ku mena et tadyung ieban ku et yegang ku.I buy a sarong for putting my child above my breast.wl208,synebanpengpelengpetadyungtapis 1
ebervblock someones progress by getting in their way; leaning against them, or leaning into their path, (2.) embeng.Ineber ye ne meririnek neng batu dut taaw.He lean the small stone to the people.wl35,synaba'amay-amay 1apa'1apa'2 1apa'2 1atubandabelabag2 1belangka'belengkaenbinasabinresbulag2 1emaylaang2neeriwara'pebti'pegsempegenpegsesanggupanpegsesenggupanpetitimpuansenggupansetsaletsewarasiwara'2
eber-ebernsediment left from making coconut oil.syneritineber-eber
ebet1vbend the body slightly to the side from the waist, sometimes to relieve stomach pain.Tagna' neng masa subali' tege ebet ke eset bebebagan mu.Once upon a time, you always bend slightly side from your waist.synegen
ebet2vCharm type, small strip of cloth with charm inside; worn around waist of pregnant women to assure easy to deliver.Mekansang ebet i upu' Diusin nelibut ne bebagan ye, Pegbenbeten ye lang manew.Grandparent Diusin has lots of small cloth strips with charms inside, he just brings them wherever he goes.PC also, wl35.synegen
ebet3ncharm, spiritual protection device. cf. pekekes, abet.Si Lupun Diusin kuseuran memaal et ebet.Lupon Diusin know how to make of spiritual protection.Megebet - to put a strip piece of cloth around the waist.; ebeten - to be wearing an ebet charm, usually around the waist.synabetabetabetanting-antingbakesbakesbakusbedbed2bedbed2betekbetekegenkeyengkengkeyengkengkulpikulpi'2limbedpekekes2sigetsugpat
ebiprepside of something, next to, beside, near,syndeplakan et dagatiged1iged-iged2iged-iged2kilid1kilid2
ebia'1nway to travel on, path, road, route to go somewhere, Also: ebiya'synaratbayaanbebianebia'2ebiaanegamaegian 1lahyunlembuspedaansigi ne
ebia'2nway of, the way something is done, manner in which something is done, policy of, 2. circumstances, situation, 3. Way or path of something, Ebiaan et Pegmerga', Way of Love. A better way/path.Dut ginsan neng ebia' aku nekiuyun dut ginsa't taaw supaya misan senu-senu mene mebawi' ku, misan enung ebia'.In all ways/manners I become-in-accord/like-minded with all people so that no matter who they are I might save them, by whatever means/way. 1Co 9:22b.Indani' myu, si Jesus dumateng *pegmegebiyai eset menge' kunem,You take-note/look/watch, Jesus is *coming along-with the clouds, Rev 1:7a.1Co 9:14, 9:22, 12:2, 12:31b Ebia' et Pegmerga'; 13:0 Ebiaan et Pegmerga', Way of Love; 14:40,; PCV 1C0 12:2b nepesowey kew lamang at ono-ono ne' pedaan*.; pedaan PCsynabia'2abiya'1abiya'2arataratbaya'2bayaanbayaanbayaanbebianbebianbebyaan2bia'biananbianenbiniaanbiri'busiksikdaan1daan2dalandalandalandalandut2dut2dut2ebia'1ebiaanebiya'2ebiya'2ebiya'2egamaegamaegian 1egian 2elikatire'kabitkarsadakarsadakebaya'kebaya'kebaya'kelesbatkuyun2lahiun2lahyunlahyunlembuslembusmebiananmebiri'meitamenulusmeretenganmesbatanpebiya' synonymspebiya'2pebiya'2pedaanpedaanpedaanpedaan PCsamatseygun 1sigi nesigi nesursurtalibtudiu'tulusen
ebiaannroad to, path to, way, route to travel to go somewhere,synaratbayaanbebianebia'1ebia'2egamaegian 1lahiun2lahyunlahyunlembuslembuspedaansigi ne