Palawano B - English



imkrof someone [name], i Del, of Del, for Del, done by Del,synet 1kikini1ni2
I , inI, i, the 10th letter of the alphabet. Has various pronounciations due to the mixing of several languages in the Palawan area. Most often, it has the Spanish pronunciation, or the English "ee" sound. It is used after "D, d" to make the "j" sound, as in Dios/Dyos [God in Spanish]. Often it is an allomorph of "y", making for many various spellings of words. See words like: mekediadi and mekedyadi, Indiadi/Indyadi, Dios/Dyos.
i , i' , itppn mkr1marker-name (i); the marker is placed before the person's name to indicate the name's gramatical function. Indicate the thing or action is for the person, by the person, or of the person. Ex. Benwa i Dale, Dale's house/ The house of Dale. Plural names marker is "de", meaning Dale and others. Ex. Benwa de Dale. The house of Dale and family.Itue benwa i Dale beke' i Linda.This is the house of Dale and of Linda.Ama' mu negpeseriri ne et indu' mu beke' diki ne mengesawa balik, indiari enukuan mene i Indu' mu?Your father separated from your mother and he will not marry again, then what was your Mother told?synkini2si2focus marker, nominative case, sentence internal. Sentence initial it has the form "It",In Palawano C, "i'" is the focus marker, nominative case, sentence internal. Sentence initial it has the form "It", which is not the same as "it" sentence internal, where is means "of" of "of the". Ex. It benwe ku ara sapew it kugun. Tr. This house of mine has a roof of cogon grass. Palawano c uses "ni" for the "i" in Palawano B.
i'mkr-nomthe, PN dialect mostly, like "ang" in Tagalog. Cognate is "it".synangatin2atin2ati't2barangduntin2dut2dut2et 1et 1et 1ey PSey2ey2i', Itinetiniet 1inyenitititit PCit PCiti'itie2itiengititituemendiaringnana' 1nene'neng1neng2neng2-ngsebarang3sentin2set2ti'ya in
-i'affixsfxsuffix to create the command form of a verb. Must be followed by " myu ", or if singular actor then no pronoun is used [you understood]. See: -a' , -i' entry for expanded info, Main Entry.Isia'!Get it!Ani'!Come here!syn-a'
i' , it PNtop-mkrthe, that one, a, a marker used for focus [other form is " It ", capitalized because used at the beginning of sentences only. " it " inside the sentence is a different marker, for genitive, like the Tagalog " ng ", and PB " et " or "neng". " i' " is like the 0 [zero morpheme] in PB. In PB the focus is marked by the absense of any marker.It' benwa atin, benwa it pengempuan.That house there, is a house of worship." it " can also be the genetive marker or linker; like the particle (ng) in Tagalog, or " et " or "neng" or " -ng " in PB dialect.; See also: Si, ni, i, ki, dut, atin, itue, ating, itueng,synanget 1ey2
i', Itmkrarticle (art) used sentence medial is " i' ", and " It " is used sentence initial. Not used at all in the Brooke's Point dialect, whichmarks this functuion by the absence of any marker, " 0 or none ". Inside the sentence, if " it " appears, it is the genitive marker meaning "of the", or just the linker function without a gloss.It kada perkaankaan it adat i' gobernador megpeliwan ye i' sembat ne piriso ne' kegayan it menge kekidraman. (Quezon Palawano dialect.)At each feast the custom of the governor for him to let-out/release one prisoner which was chosen/wanted by the crowd.This is like the " a " or "the" in English, articles used before nouns. Nominative case is not marked in the Palawano B dialect of the Palawano language.; Dialects 2 and 3. WL 1-1.synangdut2et 1et 1i'it PCnana' 1nene'neng1neng2-ng
iadap PCvVariant form: ipempua' , ipenpua'.
iagemtbdreview entryantbidbidbidbiran
iantangvconsiders, as if you were like, think of yourself as..., liken yourself to... , figuratively like... .Sampay remdema' myu sebarang nepipirisu, yantang myu samat dye kebaya' myu dut pipirisuan.Also you should remember/think-of those in prison, as-if/like/[fig.] you were their companions in prison. Heb 13:3.Kami tu' menge' tetehagen i Kristo beke' pinepengerapan pasal et kelilu'-lilu' neng yen et Empu', kwantin patut yantang myu damen.We are the servants of Kristo and stewards/managers concerning the miraculous things of God, this is the correct view for you to have of us. 1Co 4.1.iantang, antangen,; 1 C0 4:1, Ro 14:14, Heb 13:3,syndagbes2samatyantang
ibanWith, companion, associate with, colleague, spouse. No glottal ending. With glottal is Tagalog iba', meaning: different, other one. See: lein, different, not it.Iba ku ikew.You are my companion.Kaya iba, ikew lang.There is no companion, only you.synari'babidbabidbabidbabidbagaybagay-bagaybagay-bagaybaya'2baya'2bekenbeyaybeyaybeyaybi'bila'bi'bila'bi'bila'bi'bila'bi'bila'bida'bida'bida'bidaan1bidda'bila'2bila'2bila'2bila'bila'dut2esawa2esen 1iba-iba 1iba-iba 1iba-iba 1iba-iba kuibangibang menge'ila'2 1ila'2 1ila'2 1ila'2 1kaya sali'kebi'bilaankebi'bilaankeibaankereykereykesebayaankesebeyaankeumurkontrastla'1la'2la'2la'2la'2la'2la'2leinleingleing langleing langmenge' ibamepesulenpegbe'baya'pekibe'baya'pinegbiddan myusebarang3sebaya'sebaya'sebaya'sebaya'sebaya'selaanselaanselaanseled 1sengmenu1tipuseduka'vila-vila
iba kunmy companion,synabit kupesesekbut
iba yenspouse of someone, Lit. his companion. 2. go together, go with one another, fit together. Complement each other, go together, parallel or side by side.syndinganesawa2sabay-sabay
iba-iba1ncompanion, friend, associate, colleague, go with someone, accompany,synanatbabidbabidbabidbagaybagay-bagaybaya'1baya'2beyaybeyaybeyaybibila'bi'bila'bi'bila'bi'bila'bila'2bila'2dot2dunduntin2du'tdut2duunduun etduutesawa2esen 1esen duntinesen etesen-esenanesentineset 1et 1ibaibaibaiba-iba kuiba-iba muila'2 1ila'2 1itie2kadakebaya'kebebayaankebi'bilaankeibaankereykereykesebeyaankeuyunanla'1la'2la'2maya' 1maya' gasimegba'baya' temenge' ibamewpakatnegbe'baya'nekebaya'pegbe'baya'pekibe'baya'pinegtengaanpinewanrutsebaya'sebaya'sebaya'seled 1sukup2susukungtipuseduntin2vila-vila2vequal shares, along with,Ro 8:17.3prepwith.ib'a ye
iba-iba kunfriend, companion, spouse, colleague.synbabidbagay-bagaybaya'2beyaybi'bila'esawa2ibaiba-iba 1ila'2 1keibaankesebeyaanla'2menge' ibapegbe'baya'pekibe'baya'sebaya'tipusedvila-vila
iba-iba mutbdreview entrysynanatdot2dunduntin2du'tdut2duunduun etduutesen 1esen duntinesen etesen etesen-esenanesentineset 1eset 1et 1iba-iba 1itie2kebaya'kebaya'maya' 1maya' 1pinegtengaanrutseled 1untin2
iba-iba tyuncompanions of us, our companions, our friends, co workerssynkuyun2mearatmeaturpasal etpebiya'2pemegunung-unungpemegunung-unungsamatserengsesayu 1seygun 1sumuluttudiu'uyunuyun
iba-ibangnalternatives, various others, random things, things that vary,synleing-leing
iba'adjDifferent, difference, not the same, other one, another one, alternative to, contast between, distinct from, odd from the others, offset from normal. Has glottal ending. Tagalog word!Menge' taaw tege iba-ibang ngaran.People have different names.antsali'syndeindikidiki banarkasi'kayakaya sugatkeibaanleinleinmenge' iba'pegbiddaanpemenutsulitsala'
iba'-ibang bebresantbdreview entrysynlein ne' ampanglein neng bebresanlein-lein neng bebresen
iba'-ibang ginisnvarious kinds, all sorts of, different kinds, odd kind, random class, classes vary,syntegsengginis
ibakalvthrow/give something to feed an animal?Mt 15:26 rt= bakal?
ibanannescort, companion, friends, cohorts.Ikew mengiba daken dut lami-lami.You'll be my escort on the party.Lima nengiba ki Blas pegkasal kenye nekeunang linggu in.Blas had five escorts for his wedding last week.Megiba - to escort his friends.; Megibanan - to escort her.; Pegibanan - to be escorting someone.; Peg-ibanan - being escorting him.; Pegibanan - one or more person going with other person or with other goods to escort to protect them.; Inibanan - one or more person going with other person with valuable; goods to protect them.; Ineibanan - have been escorted them.; Umiba - to accompany them.; Ipeyba - to ask someone escorted him.; Neibanan - have been escorted all.synbeyaybi'bila'bila'1bila'2kereyla'2megsugatmegsulut kaypeki-beybegeypekibi'-bila'suapasugatterisabeng
ibanenvinclude in the group, together with, [inherit the position], join in with others, accompany someone, participate in an event with someone,Binwat et Empu' itueng menge' miskin, apang megmendyaring deyahan eset pegandel beke' supaya *ibanen dut pengmilikan neng tinange' ye eset menge' pegmerga' kenye.God has made the poor, so as to become rich in faith and to *be-included-in/possess/inherit the kingdom he promised those who love him. Jas 2:5.dq: uncertain.synatin masadengandingandinganmegbe'baya'megdingdinganmesabimesabimesekupannekisali'pesemanansakupsakupsali'sebaya'sebaya'sulit 1
ibangndifferent, other one,synbekenibaibang menge'sebarang3