Palawano B - English



KnK is the 11th letter of the English alphabet, but the 3rd letter of the Palawano alphabet. "K" is is usually substituted for "C", the third letter of the English alphabet. Palawano B does not normally have a "c" in their alphabet, but they come in with borrowed words from other languages and Tagalog national language, so "C" is taught in literacy classes and school.
ka1pn2syou, first declension, nominative case, sg nom/class 1. Rarely found in its formal form "ka", but almost always is replaced by the more relaxed speech version "ke". "ka" om PBV 2x only, PBQV 13x all in Acts, PCV none, PSV none. "ke" in PBV 344x.Lati' ka et keenepan, ikew ne kaya nekelabay megyegang,You-sg shout/cry-out with joy, you-sg who never experienced/suffered-the-pains of childbirth. Gal 4:27.Ba' megpenelang *ke gasi, kasi' myu pegsiringa' menge' pebi'biri'!And-When you-s pray, do not imitate/be-like the hypocrites! Mat 6:5.Segwa' panew, pebiri' ke dut pari' beke' megsimaya' ke sabab itue Sara' teyeg ki Moises.Instead/but go, show *yourself to the priest, and-then you-s offer-the-sacrifice because that is the Law from Moises. Mat 8:4b.Megbayad ke ne't utang mu!You pay your debt! Mat 18:28.Rarely found in its formal form, but almost always is replaced by the more relaxed speech version "ke".; form: ka|u2|d; -------------------------PRONOUNS, personal--------------------; Class 1 Class 2 Class 3; Nom. Gen. Loc./Dat.; -------------------------Singular--------------------------------------; 1p Aku, ku ku daken; I, me of me, my to me, mine; 2p *ka [ke], ikew, kite mu, myu dimu; you, you & me of you, yours to you, your; 3p ya ye kenye; he, him of him, his to him/her, theirs; -------------------------------------------------------------------------synikewikewkekekemiukemyukew1 2kew2kitekite2negdon't; a negative imperative; only used in isolation and repeated as [ka! ka! ka! ka!] with the meaning of "cut it out!"possibly the root of [kai].
kaak1tbdreview entrysynbaakbeyaak
kaak2nfrog type, (syn. baak beyaak.) See: baak.Be meres baak in kuani kaak beyaak.If the frog croaks he says frog-frog.synbaakbaakbeyaak
kaan1nfood, food to eat,. Root: kaan.synbawibenbegisanbeubulbeyenbulbeyenbulbeyenemeyemeyemeyikebiyagikebiyagisda'isda'isdaan1isdaan2isdaan2isdaan2isdaan2isdaan2isdankaan 2kekanankekanenkekanenkekanenkekanenkekanenkekanenkenkaanlemisaanmekeberenianmekeberenianmeramigpareypareypareyPentecost Feastpistaseda'seda'seda'seda'seda'sera' synonymssera' 1sera' 1sera' 1sera' 1serwaksigrupsikmatumpen 1viand1viand22veat rice, eat food,Mengaan tsiu ne. 2. Itueng meriklem meke kaan ku't punti.We are eating now. 2. This morning I ate bananas.Kaan kew net inug punti in.You-all eat the ripe bananas.Gay ku ginsan neng pegkanen kanen ku.I want all foods can be eaten, will eat.megkaan = to chew and swallow foods.; pegkanen = all kinds of foods he might be eaten.; ipekaan = to serve him foods.; kumaan = he wants to eat.; nengaan = have been eaten.; megkaan = to eat cook foods.; pegkanen = to eat any kinds of foods.; ipekaan = to serve food.; kumaan = someone eating food.; nengaan = have been eaten foods.; Kekanan - dining room.; Pegkaan - anything that feeds(edible).; Pegkanen - someone eating cooked rice/food, anything that can be eaten.; Ipekaan - to let someone eat.; Kumaan - to eat more food.; Nekaan/nengaan - have been eating cooked food or ripe fruit or cooked vegetables.; Mengegaan- people eating.; megkaan = to chew and swallow food.; kumaan = to eat.; pegkanen = to eat all kinds of cook foods.; ipekaan = to ask someone eating some foods.; nekaan = have been eaten.anttunuensynbulbeyenemeyikebiyagisdaan2kaan 1kekanenmekeberenianpareysigrup
kaan-kaannfeast. fiesta, much food to eat. Lit. food - food.Maya kaan kaanan ba' inabu net butu'.During election time there is a feast.synpegkenkaan
kaasnegdon't, do not, do it,synandayandey1andey2dikidyanganendey2ingangkaikas2kasi'kaya
kaas PCvdon't, do not, do it,synandey2andey2dikidikidyangandyanganingangkaikaikas1kas2kasi'kasi'
kaaynegno, not, none, used more in the Imulnod area. Amas has "diki" like in Brooke's Point area.antara2e'e'2mayawarawara PSsynarayaraydikidikikara1kara2kara2kay3kay3kayakayakeay2keay2warawaray
kaba'kaba'vevery time, every occurance, all the occurances, overall event of, widespread over time,Kaba'kaba' kenkanan, penapan kay.Every time there is a feast, we go to the lowlands.synbawat2daran-peraranginsan 1kadakasakede2kenye-kenyengpeuli'sembatu-sembatususukungtege 1tegsembatu-sembatuuli' 1
kabannbox, trunk for belongings, bowl.synbeulbeulboxboxtuung1tuung2
kabangadjmixed black and white hair, [like Bogart], incorporate differnt colors together, integrate them.Kabang bulbul et ireng dye.
kabang-kabangtbdreview entrysynbuning
Kabangaan, Cabangaanntown or village area uphill from Imulnod. They use "kara" & "ara" for "none" and "to have".
kabegnbat type, the big flying bat, the fruit bat. Wingspan is about 1 meter, weighs about .5 kilo - 1 kg. cf. kelepiut, kelelepnit, the smaller bats.Mekansang kabeg dut geba' et Tagpinasau.There are many fruit bats in the forest of Tagpinasao.Si maman Sanga megkaan et ginuling neng kabeg.Uncle Sanga is eating the fried fruit bat.kelepiut - small bat animal.synkelelepnit1kelelepnit2kelelepnit2kelepiutmememengkungmememengkungpeniki
kabey-kabeynworms, intestinal worms.synbiarkaleg
kabi'advnear to, next to, beside something, close to. Similar words: abi', abit.; close up, near to you.Pekabi' anye e daken.You come near to me.Mekabi' et dalan pegderetunan et parey ku.I put one sack of rice near the road.Megkabi' = to set closer.; Kumabi' = wants to sit beside him. to come closer.; Ipekabi' = someone bring him to sit beside them. to ask someone to come here. to let someone come near or be near.; Pegkebien = to set nearly to him.; Nepekabi' = have been closer sitting beside him. have come closer to them.; Megkabi' = to draw near.; Pegkebien = to become near.; Megpekabi' - to be close/near to each other.; Pegpekabian - someone is nearing them, to come closer.synabi'2abit2digkitiged2megkekabi'mekabitsigkittabi'
kabiserancapitol city of a province, state or nation.synkapitolkeabiseraPuntapuun2 1
kabitvconnect to, put together,fr. Tag. kavit.synbaya'2bia'dut2ebia'2ebiya'2kebaya'kelesbatkuyun2pebiya' synonymspebiya'2pedaanpenutsutsamatseygun 1sugpunsursursursursutsut-suley 1talibtalibtudiu'
kablanvthought so, presume it to be, see: keblan.synablankuan mu langpebeliskad
kabuhatennsomething made, s.t. done, work done,synbuwat3kekeradianen
kabun1nproperty, everything you have and use, contents of house and lot.antkabus2synarta'
kabun2nland, property.Kabun et ama' kay limangpulung hictaria.My father's land property is fifty hectares.synarta'arta'betu'betuenbukobukugamit2igmet2ketilambung2lugta'2niyugpegusalenpengarta'perekakasperekakassepadanusal
kabus1nshort, too short a piece to fit the need. Not long enough, too short. 2. slip off. 3. Run short of food.Kinabus ne et kewayan neng datag si Penciu.Pencio's bamboo for the floor is short.Kabus ginsan sambut ye bin!All of his beams are too short!megkabus = to short in lenght.; kumabus = too make it short.synkinurang
kabus2adjnear but not enough, or a little short of what it should be, short-in-length, not enough of something,Na, egsa pinutek mu dus pur dus kabus ne.Now, cousin you cut the two by two [board 2"x2"] too short.Kinabus kay ne et begas kay tiban.We are short of rice today.pegkebusen.antarta'kabun1synkapuskapuskinurangkurang2kurang2kurang2pegkurangenwelen