Palawano B - English



P , pnP, p, the 16th letter of the alphabet. P is also used for the "F, f" sound, as there is no natural "f" sound in Pelwano. Ex. Aprica [Africa].
p'ilawagnorchid plant, general term for all orchids.
paa1ncalf of the leg, shin, sometimes thigh,synbetiis
paa2n1thigh, legs, foot sometimes [tiked is better for foot].Menunga pegseyekan paa ku in.My legs is good to see.synbetiistikedtukud2leg (and foot).3foot sometimes, but tiked is better.Nebari' ne paa ku.My foot is broken.
paa (Tag.)nfoot, in Tagalog.syntiked
paad-paadadjwhile (limited in use - generally with ability).Paad-paad mebasag tiu nega megkeradia tiu mena.While we are still strong we have to work hard.Ps. 58:3 - B.L.; Paadpaad et biyagan nega mengaan kitiu. (while we have life well eat); Ganang esentin ku iba-iba myu.synganang3
paarvdeter, forbid, lit: without permission, oppose, Ck. data.synandaybulag2 1bulag2 1diki ne2dyanganendaykasi'kaya timinugutlaang2laanga'mendi'
paatadjChisel toolo for shaping wood or stone. paat.Mengelen ke et paat dut Bunbun.You bought a chisel in Brooke's Point.Ama' ku pegemiten ye paat dut kayu.My father used a chisel on the wood.
paat-paatnfish type; about 10 in. long; with large flat head reducing to almost a point at tail, giving the tail a wedge shape.Itueng paat-paat neng sera' tu' meitem guris ye.This type of fish black in color.wl73.
pabarvannounce, news about, pe+abar.synabar 1buwar
pabbunproud ones, prideful person, Ck. data.syndakagdakagdakagdakagkepegenankinedibuwatkinedibuwaten et langitlabewladyunglampas2landewlandewlandewlandewlandewlangkew 1layuglebi 1megpengdayewmegpengdayewmegpepagenmegpepagenmegpepagenmelangkewmelangkewmelangkewmelangkewmelelandewmerayu'pedalo-dalopedalu-dalupedalu-dalupele'lalu'1pele'lalu'2pepesangdanpepesangdanpepesangdanpineketaastaas 2 synonymstaas3taas3taas3tangka'
PablonpPablo or Paul in the Pela'wan language, writer of many books of the New Agreement.Romans written by Pablo.
pabuvboast, shud have 2 "b", pabbu.synabbubantug 1dakagdalu'dalu'dalu'dalu'dalu-daluipegabbu2ipegabbu2kwentolalu'lalu'landewmabbumeabbumeabu2megabbumeglebimegpeabbumegpengdayewmegpengdayewmepedalu'dalu'mepedalu'dalu'mepedekla' akumepedekla' akumetuturannepesintakpabu-pabupebebantugpebebantugpedalu-dalupelalu'lalu'2pele'lalu'2pepebi'biri'1pepebi'biri'2petaaspetaas
pabu-pabutbdreview entrysynabbubantug 1dakagdalu'dalu'dalu-daluipegabbu2kwentolalu'lalu'lalu'lalu'landewmabbumeabbumeabu2megabbumeglebimegpeabbumegpengdayewmegpengdayewmepedalu'dalu'mepedekla' akumetuturannepesintakpabupebebantugpedalu-dalupelalu'lalu'2pele'lalu'2pepebi'biri'2petaas
padetnpress something down into container so that it is packed tight, depress contents.Pereta' banar sumiget sengbegkes neng badyu' mu in.You press more to tie that bundle of your clothes/dress.wl75.
padiaknwholesale.Ba' padiak pengelen mu, atin kaya merga'.If you buy wholesale, that is not so expensive.Pedyaken ku ne mais mu ginsan.All your corn I buy it wholesale.padyak.antpekyew
padlisvrub s.t. on a person.synpinegdepnan
padlisanvanoint with oil usually, rubbing in firmly, apply firmly.nemadlis dimu et lana;Acts 4:27. REF: Heb 1:9 (chrio). Rev 3:18 (figurative).Ipetingkag ye i' menge megorang it megpegtipontipon, na' penelenginan diye ya, ne' *pegpolitan diye ya it lana at ngaran it Begerar.Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, *anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. Ja 5:14 PCV.pedlisan et lana eset kepengdiadian et Begerar neng si Jesus. James 5:14.; pinelran - rub across lightly, pinaturuan - pouring on. pagantak - put oil on the head,synlinispedlisanpedlisanpegpulitanpeidpeyd 1
padu-padu, paruvplan.Megpeparu ku tiban muli' dut Malis.I plan today to go in Malis.wl73.synparu 1
padu'tbdreview entrysynbahumbahumenparu'paru'pegsenggupan2pegsenggupan2senggupsenggup
padyakvwhole sale. Also: pediak.Megpadyak - to purchase in large quantity of goods.; Pegpedyaken - someone is purchasing in large quantities.; Ipepadyak - to let someone purchase in large quantities.; Nemadyak - have purchased rice in large quantities.antpekyew
PAFIDtbdreview entrysynIPRA
pagankitchen's cabinet, woven bamboo shelf used over fire for drying fish.Nemaal et merinek neng paga si Misku dut benwa dye.Misko made a small kitchen's cabinet on their house.Nemaal si Supen et kelengkang belaran ye et sigup.Supen doing a woven bamboo for drying his cigarrete.synaparidur Sp.beblaranerisewigmankelengkang
paga-paganweed that grows at rivers edge w/ many vertical leaves.Mengisi' indu' ku et paga-paga neng deun Itueng eldew.My mother get this types of leeves this day.
paganvstrong, firm, non easily moved, rigid structure,Mebasag bilug i Mitran nemikyat et sembatu karut neng mais.Mitran's body is strong, he could carry one sack of corn.5-3, meksan, basag