Palawano B - English



T , tnT, t, the 20th letter of the alphabet [abakada]. "T, t" often becomes "n" when the root word is affixed by meg-, meng, pe-, and others. Ex. tameng > menameng; tuldu' > menunuldu'. This often makes finding the root of a verb difficult for non-native speakers of the language.t can become n with affixes to root word.
taadnrooster's spurs on rear of the feet.Metarem taad et lumbu' i Miwana.Miwana's rooster's spurs are sharp.wl102,
taanvfishing with a trap or net, put a fish trap in river or rooster's snare in jungle, do unhindered. 2. place something, put.Tinaanan i Serca et siyud ye danum et Tagpinasau.Serca placed a fishnet trap in the river of Tagpinsao.Nenglitag si Lipiun et manuk dut uma.Lipion set up a trap for wild chicken on the field.Mt 13:47 rinabu, tinaan,; wl102, Acts 15:26, Josh.8:21.antbatunsyndabu'litag
taap1vwinnow rice grain.Negtaap et begas si Lina.Lina winnowed the rice grain.menaap,syneyagannigo
taap2vwinnowing grain to remove chaff or unwanted items. separate the chaff.Megtaap - to winniow seeds.; Pegteapan - someone is winnowing rice.; Ipetaap - to let someone winnow rice.; Tumaap - someone winnowing rice.; Neteapan - have winnowed, separated the chaff.syneyagannigu
taap3vwinnow rice of its chaff,antayakan 1synambungeyaganeyagannigonigunigusesenatansesenatansileyentabig2tingkep
taas1nhigh, elevated, above, up, upwards, 2. Important, great, ruling one, honored, head person or chief, prominent position, and in High Priest, Head Man. 'Taas' is from the Tagalog language, and used in many other languages. See: taas.metaas - high up, important person.synmebantugmedeyewtaas3
taas2adjup, above, tall,antsirung et benwasyndibuwat
taas3adjhigh up, tall, verticle dimension. 2. Important, great, honored. See: taas.antirat2mebaba'mekingbaba'1siribsirungsirung et benwasynbantug 1dakagdakagdakagdibuwatkepegenankinedibuwatkinedibuwaten et langitlabeglabewlabewladyunglampas1lampas2lampas2landewlandewlandewlangkew 1langkew 1langkew 1langkew 1langkew 1langkew 2layuglayuglebi 1lebi 1luwasmebantugmebantugmedeyewmedeyewmegpengdayewmegpepagenmegpepagenmelandewmelangkewmelangkewmelangkewmelangkewmelangkewmelelandewmerayu'pabbupabbupabbupedalu-dalupele'lalu'2pepesangdanpepesangdanpepesangdanpineketaastaas1tangka'teradiew
taas 2 synonymsadjheight, highness, tall,ranggew PCantdakagmekingbaba'2synkinedibuwatkinedibuwaten et langitlabewladyunglampas2landewlangkew 1layuglebi 1megpepagenmelangkewmerayu'pabbupepesangdanpineketaas
taaw1nperson, people, being, a man or a woman generically, can be singular or plural, individual, alternate spellings: taw, tau, taaw. Commonly translated "person", but more precisely "being", as it can refer to any being that presents itself as having life, including spirit beings such as angels or demons or spirit beings of all kinds. Taw't lugta' [earthly people], taw't langit [angels, God, spirit beings], taw't kelingban [beings of darkness, demons, evil spirits, Satan]. Has glottal between the aa, but is not usually written.taaw [prefered spelling], Also: taw , taaw , tau.syntaw't kelingban2taw't lugta'
taaw2nbeing, person, a being both human or spiritual. individual that lives. See: taaw, ta'aw, taw entry. Various spellings.
taaw3nperson, or people, a man or a woman, being, human being or spirit being, individual being. Taw't biyagan - human beings, not spirit beings.Ba' taaw miskin tu', keingasi'-ingasi' ne banar.If this one is a poor person, pity-pity [him] for sure.Mekansang ne taaw tumpang atut lungsud et Palawan.There are many strange/foreign people here in the Province of Palawan.Barriu Malis in mekansang ne taaw't tumpang tiban.There are many foreign people now in the barrio of Malis.4. Taw et Tagpinasao kepelewanan ginsan.4. The people of Tagpinasao are all Pela'wan.5. Menungang taaw si maman Sanga.5. Uncle Sanga is a good person.6. Menge' kelilibunan et taw't bukid kusewran memaal et tegtabig.6. The women of the mountain people know how to make baskets.7. taw't dibuat, meiiseg dye.7. People up high, they are fierce.8. Menge' taw't napan, kaya ne mekeluak dye et parey.8. The people of the lowlands, they no longer plant rice.Variant form: taw; Grammar notes: use Taw't [taaw et] with a noun followed with places; Taw / Taaw [noun] followed with ethnic group they belong to or followed with actions [verb or adjective].; Note: " taaw/taw " usually refers to human beings, but is also used of spirit beings good and evil. <taw> is short for <taaw>, <taw't> is short for <taaw et>.; See also taaw, taw,synginsan et taawhentilketaawanketawanketeawan2pegtitipuserantaw2taw't kelingban2taw't lugta'tribu
taaw biyagnhuman beings, not spirit beings. Lit. being living, or living being. Taaw patey - dead beings, demons, spirits of dead people.anttaaw pateysyntaaw peng lugta'taw't biyagan
taaw biyagannliving beingsantpatey1taaw pateysynbiyaganmeginawa2
taaw meraatndemon, evil spirit,syndemoniomegdapelmegdapelmeliwananmeraat na taawmereraat neng diwatataw't kekewyuan1taw't kekewyuan2
taaw mereatndemon, evil spirit, alt. spelling of taaw meraat.syndemoniodiwata 1kediwataankekampi i Satanmegdapeltaaw mereraattaw't kekayuantaw't kekewyuan2taw't kelingban2
taaw mereraatndemon, evil spirit,Ba' mebiri' mu taaw mereraat, batsaen itue.If you see evil beings, read this: Mateo 4:10.syndemoniodemoniodiwata 1diwata 1kediwataankekampi i Satanmeliwananmeraat na taawmereraat neng diwatataaw mereattaw't kekayuantaw't kekayuantaw't kekewyuan2taw't kelingban2taw't kelingban2
taaw neng simpirnordinary peoplesynbahadarandaran-darandaran-pedaraneldew-peldewepusleid-leidleyd-leydmiskinpenu'2punu 1puspus2 1sia'simpir2taaw petaaw2
taaw neng tegesala'nsinner, person who sins.synmekeselaan
taaw pateyndead beings, demons, beings of dead people, Lit. beings that are dead.antbiyagantaaw biyagtaaw biyagansyntaw't kelingban2
taaw peng lugta'npeople who are alive, people on earth, not the spirit of a dead person or an evil spirit.taaw't patay, endelimew, ghost or spirit.syntaaw biyagtaw't biyagan
taaw petaaw1nordinary people, everyday people.syneldew-peldewmiskinsia'simpir2
taaw petaaw2nordinary people, regular people, everyday people,Ukuman myu ukuman lang et taaw petaaw.Your judgments are only the judgments of ordinary people.Ating pegbentuen ku pasal et tagu' neng kesesewran et Empu', na asal diki nesewran* et taw petaaw. Jn 8:15.What I am speaking about is the secret wisdom of God, that is really not known by regular people. 1Co 2:7.PCV: menge taw lein.synbahadarandaran-darandaran-pedaraneldew-peldeweldew-peldewepusleid-leidleyd-leydmiskinmiskinpenu'2punu 1puspus2 1sia'sia'simpir1simpir2taaw neng simpirtaw't biyagan
taaw petetaawnpeople around us, other people, everyday people around us.Pinengiwasan kay mebuwat itue et mesayu, diki lang dut penyek lang et Empu', ba' diki sampay dut penyek et taw petetaw.We are working hard to do this correctly/well, not only in the sight of God, but as well in the sight of other people too. 2Co 8:21.taw petetaw.syntaw't biyagan