Palawano B - English


V , vnV, the 22nd letter of the English alphabet. Palawano B does not normally have a "V" in their alphabet, but they come in with borrowed words from other languages. "B" is is often substituted for the "V", as in: David > Dabid.Palawano does have a fricative "-b-", which similar to a voiced "v", as in the word "ba-b-ang", for butterfly. There is also a fricative "-g-", as in the word "Salo-g-on", a village name.
verdengreen color, fr. Span.synazulazulilew2ingg'a inuglunew2lunew2meilewmelunewmerurem3merurem3meylewtemteremen2temteremen2
viand1nViand, food served to eat, dish of food. isdaan , isdanEnu isdaan myu ganang tulnu'.What is your viand? Only cooked vegetable.Megisda' - to eat viand and rice.; Pegisdaan - eating cook vegetable and cook fish.; Neesdaan - have been eaten mixed viand.synisdaan2kaan 1kekanenseda'sera' 1
viand2nfood prepared to serve people, usually accompanied by steamed rice. Adobo is the most common viand cooked in the Philippines, a mixture of small pieces of meat, vegetables like string beans, salt, pepper, and vinegar.synbulbeyenemeyisda'isda'isdaan1isdaan2isdaan2isdankaan 1kekanenpareyseda'sera' 1
vila-vilanBlood brother.also vi'la, or si vila,synbabidbagay-bagaybaya'2beyaybi'bila'esawa2ibaiba-iba 1iba-iba kuila'2 1keibaankesebeyaanla'2menge' ibapegbe'baya'pekibe'baya'sebaya'tipused
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