Palawano B - English



W , wnW, w, the 23rd letter of the alphabet. W is used both as a consonant and a glide. As a consonant: walu [eight]; or a glide: katew [really], sewd [know], Tegpinasaw [village name, -sao].
wadyitbdreview entryantbinenban
wagnrattan. See: uwey.Mekediari gasi mebaal et tegtabig mawa' eset belagen neng wag in.We could also make a basket from this kind of rattan(wag).Agriculture, Plants, rattan.synuwey
waknbird type, crow,Variant form: uak , uwak, wak.
waluneight, the number eight.Tilug et manuk walu kedamen ye.The chicken eggs are eight pieces.Walu kay kebubudiangan diminuntin et lami-lami.We are all eight ladies going to the party.8-1.
walu langadjeight only.synwewalo-ga
waninfruit type, like a manggo, but not considered to be very good by most people, but by some others, yes. There is a Folktale about this fruit, "Si Foolish-One and the Skymaiden."Bua' et wani merengu ba' inug ye.Wani fruits smell fragrant when it is ripe.synmanggamanggo
waravhave, to have something, there is, there are some..., This is PS dialect [Also: waray]. [ maya in PB, ara PC].Upama ko, *waray tipused muyo, libon etawa lelaki, bo karay badyo ye etawa pegkaan.My example, *there is a brother/sister of yours, woman or man, and he has no clothes or food. Jas 2:15 PSW.APPENDIX; Pelawan Function Words, by Bill Davis; Usual Order of PARTICLES:; ---------------------------------------------; lang | ne | key | be | gasi | pelehan|; ga | nega | | | | (pelan)|; | pe' | | | | taku' |; | mene | | | | (tu') |; | | | | | kunu' |; -----------------------------------------------; Approximate glosses:; lang.........only, just; ga............only, just; be............really, as a matter-of-fact; pe'...........still, only so far (expects a change); nega.........still, yet, yet (future); ne............already; kunu'.......(quote particle like Tagalog "daw"); gasi...........also, on the other hand; key...........conversely, rather, instead (choice/exclusion); taku' / tu'. (question particle like Tagalog " ba' "); pelehan/pelan.(surprise particle like Tagalog "pala"); mene.........only yet-to-be (like Tagalog "na lang"); lengko......I think so (opinion particle like Tagalog "yata"); COMMON COMBINATIONS OF PARTICLES; lang key; lang mene; lang (ne) be (gasi); lang pe'; (ne) (be) gasi; key (be); mene taku'; mene konu'antara2kaaykeay1keay2mayasynara1ara2arayaraydikikaaykara1kara2kara2kay3kayakeay2mayawaray
wara PSadjnone, not any,antkaaykay3keay2synara2araymaya
wara'adjnone, there is not, PS dialect mostly.synaminamukaya
waranvexcept.Waran ngaran ye eset lilistaan in.Except his name from the list.16-1.synganang3
waraynegnone, there is no, PS dialect mostly.Wara + ey. See: kaya.antara2synaraydikikaaykara1kara2kay3kayakeay2wara
waynrattan,synbugtung 1bugtung 1bugtung 2enenurakesembatu-sembatungwey1wey2wey2
weelvtired of waiting; anxious for time to pass.Sugiran mu si Mara, weel ku ne tumagey kenye.Tell Mara, I'm tired of weating for her.Job 7:4.
welennshortage.Maya welen* et begas itueng teun sabab et timpu.There is shortage* of rice this year because of the season.synkabus2kapuskurang2
werwervsound of movement of a pliable object, like the rustle of leaves.Megwerwer ne beres et deun et kayu sabab et mebasag ne deres.The sound of tree leaves (werwer) because of strong wind.
weswasvtear open a package containing any substances (such as cooked rice) that will fall out and scatter.Negweswas mene begas ku neula' set ambung in.My rice will fall out and scattered from the basket.wl108i.synbesbas 1tekbas
weswestbdreview entryanteliweswes
wet-wetvthrobbing pain of a boil.Pusu' ye metikas/mewet-wet megletik.His heart is throbbing.wl108i.
wewalo-gaadjonly eight persons/things, just eight only and no more.Sabab et tabang et kelang gubang/kapal, sesenung taaw *wewalo-ga nekebawi' et liud.Because of the help of that great ship, only-a-few people *just-eight were saved from the flood-waters. 1Pe 3:20.3.20: Tagna'/Genesis 6.1 7.24.synwalu lang
wey1nrattan vine,synbugtung 1enenuraway
wey2nreed, rattan (thickness of pencil, good basket material. A natural resource harvested for selling or for personal use. Spelling probably should be "uwey" or "uway", like Tagalog.Mekansang megtuhu' wey dut abit danum.There are many rattan/reeds growing near the river.Nemaal si Tursida et ambung mawa' eset wey in.Tursida was weaving an ambung basket from the rattan.wl108i.synbugtung 1bugtung 2enenurakesembatu-sembatungwayway
wir-wirvswing, shaking of any long thin object (such as a thin pole when it is stood up).Ba' megbelbengel ke et dengdeyungan, megwir-wir ne.If you swing from the rope, the sound is (wir-wir).wl18i.
witwitvwave a wooden torch while walking to get more light; Ck. data.legwit PC.synlegwit PC