Palawano B - English



Z , znZ, the 26th and last letter of the alphabet, A-Z. Palawano B does not normally have a "z" in their alphabet, but they come in with borrowed words from other languages. "Z" is often replaced with "S" to help new readers. Ex: Zion > Sion, Zechariah > Sekariah, Zues > Seus.
z ' , or q, glottal stop consonantnGlottal stop, written < ' >, is a consonant used often in the Palawano language, that make a critical difference in the meanings of words. Atu means to fight against, atu' menas here. < q > is used by some as an alternate spelling. ex. Empu' > Empuq. The glottal stop is usually not written in Palawano SW, or in Tagalog books. Palawano Central and North do write the glottal. It is the last letter of the Pela'wan orthography/alphabet. Problem: how to place in the sort order for data bases.The glottal stop is a type of consonantal sound used in many spoken languages, produced by obstructing airflow in the vocal tract or, more precisely, the glottis. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is < ʔ >.
ZamboanganZamboanga the city on the western coast of Mindanao island.
zeronzero, the number zero, meaning none, 0, used in numbers like 10, 20. 30, 100, 1.0, .001", etc. 2. None. 3. Japonese fighter plane of WW2. 4. Lazy person, unskilled person of no help.synkaya
zz Abbreviations:nabbreviations used in Dictionary, like Parts of Speech:adj, adv, conj, dsc mkr - discourse marker, n. - noun, np - proper noun, v. - verb, expr. - expression, interj. - interjection, pn - pronoun, ppn - personal pronoun, ptl, mkr. - marker, q-mkr - question marker, q-ptl - particle, loc-mkr, var. - variation, vi. & vt. - verb intransitive & transitive, tbd [to be determined]; tbd [to be determined].; a.s. = Accepted spelling. cf. cross reference;; so = someone.; st = something. s.w. somewhere;
zz APPENDIX Editing HistorynAPPENDIX for Tables and Charts, History of EditsTable for pe- affix; pe- |negpe- |epe-/pe-rt2 |; megpe-/epe- | pe- | pe- |pegpe-|; ipe- |ipine- | ipepe- |; ipe- | ipe-'an | ipe-rt2; -------------------------------------------; pe-en |pine- |epe-rt2-en; epe-en | pe-en | pe-; pe-an |pine-an |epe-rt2-an; epe-an | pe-an | pe-i'; ------------------------------------------; kepe- |neke-pe |kepe-rt2 | megkepe- | kepe-; mepe- |nepe- |mekepe- | mekepe- | mepe- mepe-an |nepe-an |mekepe-an |mekepe-an; mepe-an
zz SFMsn1SFM backslash code markers and meanings. /lc zz zz lexical citation, inflected form. /se. lx, lc, se, ps sn, . root /hm hom nr(subsc). /lc flips w /lx, careful!.example sentence-vernacularexample sentence-Englishencyclopedic-English2SFM markers in order: lx, lc, ps, sn 1. sc scientific name, ge. de, re, rn, sc scientific name, lt, xv, xe,, sy, an, mn, va, et, sd, bb, nt, na, so source, dt. se subentry >lx.
zzz Pronounspnpronoun, a word that takes the place of a noun, like: I, me, he, she, it, that, those. /ee does not print unless told to do so.-------------------------PRONOUNS, personal----------------; Class 1 Class 2 Class 3; Nom. Gen. Loc./Dat.; -------------------------Singular--------------------------------------; 1p Aku, ku ku daken; I, me of me, my to me, mine; 2p *ka [ke], ikew, kite mu, myu dimu; you, you & me of you, yours to you, your; 3p ya ye kenye; he, him of him, his to him/her, theirs; -------------------------------------------------------------------------; Plural-------------------------------------------; 1p kay, tyu, siu kay, kityu, kisiu damen; we, us of us, ours to us,for us,ours; 2p kew, kemyu myu dimyu; you, of you, yours, to you,yours; 3p dye dye kedye; they, of them, for them; to them,theirs; ---------------------------------------------------; PRONOUNS, demonstrative; Class 1 Class 2 Class 3; Nom. Gen. Loc./Dat.; itu, itue atin itie; this, near me; that,near you; that(far away); atue esen, sentin duun; here, near me; there; there(far away); atu't ese't, esen et du't, duun et; of here; of there,with; of there(far away); PROPER NAMES MARKERS -------------; Class 1 Class 2 Class 3; Nom. Gen. Loc./Dat.; si Dale i/ni Dale ki Dale; Dale of, by Dale for, to Dale; ----------------------------------------------------synnoun