The Palawano Broooke's Point language is spoken by 25,000 people living in the highlands and lowlands of Palawan island, Philippines. Two other dialects of the language also number around 20,000 each. This is the an attempt to compile a bilingual dictionary for the Palawano B language that might be of help to others interested in the language. 17,000+ words were collected over the 30 years of the NT Translation project, beginning in 1983. The translation assistants added example sentences to many of the entries.

There is still much work to do, but we, the compilers have decided to publish this work-in-progress, in order to document the work we have done so far. Our ambition is to improve the entries in quality and quantity. In the mean time, we hope the rough drafts will be of some benefit to others. Please send us your comments using the Contact Us page.

The Publishers