Parkwa, also called Podoko, is a Chadic language (classification in the Ethonologue: Afro-Asiatic, Chadic, Biu-Mandara, A, A.4, Mandara Proper, Podoko) spoken in the Far North Region of Cameroon by around 30,000 speakers. (ISO 639-3 Language Code: pbi)

This dictionary was compiled by Ndoula Lagona et Elizabeth Jarvis beginning in 1992. There are approximately 4,900 entries (including 1,300 sub-entries) with definitions in French. The majority of the entries are enhanced by illustrative phrases with translation into French.

This version is based on:

Jarvis Elizabeth et Lagona Ndoula. (1992). Dictionnaire podoko-français. Yaoundé : SIL.

There was also an earlier version done in 1986:

Zagba Yakouba, Jarvis Elizabeth et Siddi Silas. 1986. Wakita gwaɗi parəkwa narə gwaɗi nasara narə gwaɗi pəlata ta dzaka: Petit lexique podoko-français-fulfuldé. Yaoundé : SIL.