Credits and Acknowledgements

Data-gathering for this Phuien dictionary began in 1996 and culminated in January 2011 with a Rapid Word Collection workshop in Pougouli Bonzan. The following people participated in the workshop.

Phuien language project leader and coordinator for the workshop:

  • Jacques Malo

Consultant for the workshop:

  • Kevin Warfel

Participants in the workshop:

  • Deheba Gnenio
  • Sophie Gnenio
  • B. Thomas Malo
  • Eric Malo
  • Jean Malo
  • Lazare Malo
  • Lucien Malo
  • Namagidomo Malo
  • Ollon Malo
  • Prospère Malo
  • Robert Malo
  • Samson Malo
  • Bouleteo Morio
  • Daniel Nouma
  • Hilibie Nouma
  • Sophonie Nouma
  • Timothée Nouma
  • Gabriel Soma
  • Gédéon Soma
  • Sévérin Soma
  • Alain Zingue
  • Didèdua Zingue
  • Domoniare Zingue
  • Esaïe Zingue
  • Jean-Louis Zingue
  • Jonathan Zingue
  • Pierre Zingue
  • Tegebiro Zingue
  • Thomas Zingue

Thank you to the members of the community for their ongoing contribution to this dictionary as well as to the Phuien language project.