This website is a presentation of a reconstruction of the Proto-Central Chadic lexicon. These reconstructions are presented in conjunction with my PhD dissertation on the reconstruction of the phonology of Proto-Central Chadic (University of Leiden).

Included with the reconstructions are a number of isoglosses for common roots, and several significant loan words. These cannot all be reconstructed for Proto-Central Chadic, but are important for understanding the early history and culture of Central Chadic. All isoglosses and loan words are indicated in the lexicon.

You can also view the full data behind the reconstructions, along with a detailed commentary, at

The Central Chadic languages are spoken in north-east Nigeria, northern Cameroon, and western Chad. The Ethnologue lists 79 Central Chadic languages. Data for the reconstructions comes from 59 of these languages, along with a number of dialects.

Richard Gravina