Kroumen Piè is a language of Côte d'Ivoire, spoken by about 20,000 people locally, and 48,300 total. This language is also known as: Koumen pye, Northeastern Krumen, and Southeastern Krumen.

The specific location in Côte D'Ivoire where they live is Bas-Sassandra District, Tai, Bereby, and in San Pedro subprefectures.

Kroumen Piè is classified as Niger-Congo, Atlantic-Congo, Volta-Congo, Kru, Western, Grebo, Ivorian. The ISO code is [pye]. There are eight dialects: Trepo, Wluwe-Hawlo (Haoulo), Gbowe-Hran, Wlepo, Dugbo, Yrewe (Giriwe), Yapo, and Pie (Pie-Pli-Mahon-Kuse-Gblapo-Henekwe, Pye).

This language is used in the home. Some also use French in the community. It is important to provide reference documents such as this dictionary to preserve this language.