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dekarn:basket; extendable basket.=zekar3.7.6Holding tool

doq3n:round bamboo basket for storing paddy.=ruq3.7.6Holding tool

dvhùng1n:basket; for carrying wood from the forest.Shǿngrí lv́m dvhùng zvtnòe.'I am weaving a basket to carry firewood.'=há3.7.6Holding tool2clf:classifier for counting numbers of large baskets.Sha dvcho wa tiqpèí tiqdvhùng ríò lo daq we yàngò.'You know, each person will return home carrying one full of basket of dried meat.'9.2.7Classifiers

dvkon:small basket worn on back with head strap.Vpèí dvko zatnòe.'Father is weaving a small basket.'3.7.6Holding tool

dvkvmn:basket with a cover.It is usually used for keeping valuable items.3.7.6Holding tool

dv̀mzìn:basket like sheath.3.7.6Holding tool

dvrv̀ngn:walking stick, staff.3.7Tool3.7.6Holding tool

11n:basket carried on the back for carrying wood; has large holes in it.Há pvngwà chv̀ng.'Five baskets.'3.7.6Holding tool2clf:classifier for loads (firewood) carried on the back.Shǿng tiqhá èríò.'Carry a basketful of wood.'=dvhùng9.2.7Classifiers

hv́m1clf:classifier for counting numbers of basketful.Nosì tiqhv́m.'One basket of soya beans.'3.7.6Holding tool9.2.7Classifiers

jvng1n:basket (any kind).Ngà jvng chv̀ng vmv́ngvpmì.'I have lost my basket.'=gaqdóng3.7.6Holding tool

lìdòn:oar, paddle.<Lisu3.7.6Holding tool

løk1n:basket; larger than rísv́ng.3.7.6Holding tool

mvgòrmvgùrn:short and square basket.Used for measuring grains.3.7.6Holding tool

mvyø̀ngn:container or basket.3.7.6Holding tool

21n:basket carried on the back (on shoulders or with forehead).Pé zatnòe'Weave a basket.'It has no holes; very tightly woven.3.7.6Holding tool2clf:classifier for counting numbers of baskets.Lvgong tiqpé zaq daqà.'He brought a basketful of corn.'9.2.7Classifiers

rísangn:large basket; usually refers to a basket which contains two pails or more.=pé3.7.6Holding tool

ruq2n:round bamboo basket for storing paddy.Vmruq.'Barn.'3.7.6Holding tool

zekarn:large basket woven with wide interstices.=dèkar3.7.6Holding tool

zv́m1n:basket.Zv́mchv̀ng elv́ng daqò.'Bring the basket.'Large woven bamboo basket with handle, flat bottom with holes and open top.3.7.6Holding tool2clf:classifier for basketful (of vegetables).Lvgong tiqzv́m liq rángà.'I have collected a basketful of corn.'3.7.6Holding tool9.2.7Classifierszv́mràngn:large basket.