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hā'unvSomething, as a pot, is removed from over a fire.ha'ūnunPaglīgad nang lima ka minūtus ha'ūnun na 'ang tinu'um nga 'implastu.After five minutes, the medicinal plaster cooked in a banana leaf over live coals should be removed from over the fire.
hāba'nthe length of somethingKung 'anu 'ang hāba' nang tapāhan 'imaw da 'ang hāba' nang 'īmu pagkutkut sa sīlung nang tapāhan.Whatever the length of the smoking rack that is also the length of your digging in the space underneath the smoking rack.ncfkahagba'hagba'kahāba'varmahāba', pahāba'1adjSomething is long in linear measurement or in time; the rhythmic beats of something as a pulse beat is slow.Kahāba' pa 'adtu 'ang 'ākun buhuk; kung gakadtu 'aku sa 'iskuylahan, waya' na nākun ginasipita.My hair at that time was still long; when I was going to school, [it] was not being trimmed by me.Babāyi kag lyāki hay nagasuksuk gid ning mahāba' nga sayway kag mahāba' nga bāru' kung sinda hay nagakadtu sa 'uma labi na gid kung sinda hay nagagūna.As for women and men, [they] wear long trousers and long shirts when they go to the upland field, especially when they pull weeds.Duha ka parti nga lugar 'ang ginakutkutan nga pahāba' 'ang kurti nang pagkutkut.There are two sections to dig out in which the shape of the digging is long.Mahāba' ang tukar nang pulsu.The beat of the pulse was slow.2vAn object, situation becomes long in linear or temporal measurement.kahabā'an1a ceiling joist of a buildingmagahāba'Mangamūyu' 'aku nga magahāba' pa 'ang 'īmu kabūhi'.I will pray that your life will become long.mahāba' ning dīla'adjSomeone is prone to gossip (lit., has a long tongue).mahāba' ning kamut1adjSomeone is prone to thievery (lit., has a long hand).mas mahāba'comp adjSomething is longer than something else.Mas mahāba' 'ang 'iya tuka' kaysa tangkali' sa lāti'.It's beak (i.e., of a kingfisher which stays near the ocean) is longer than [that of] the kingfisher in the forest.cfhagba'pahāba'advSomething is done lengthwise.Sukūya 'ang banig ning pahāba'!Measure the mat lengthwise!
habāgatna southwest monsoon wind, which is common from June through SeptemberPag'abut dira' sa Mindūru hay kalma na da kay lipud 'ang hāngin nga habāgat.Arriving there in Mindoro [it] was already calm because the southwest monsoon wind was protected.cfbaskug
hābangsubord conjWhile an event occurs or a state exists, another event occurs or another state exists.Hābang nagabayli sinda 'ang manga kayasāyun, ginasab'itan ning kwarta.While couples about to be married are dancing, they have money pinned onto [their clothing].cfhasta hasta kung kasan'ukung kasan'ukung san'ukung san'umintras mintras mintras mintras sa tāma' nga 'ūras sa1 sa1 sa1 sa1 samantālasamantālasamantāla'samantāla'tubtub tubtub 'ūras 'ūras
hābukvSomething, as one's stomach becomes bloated.maghābuk'Adtung manga 'implastu nga ginatawag pāra kunu hay 'indi' maghābuk 'ang tiyan.As for those things which are called medicinal plasters [they were put as poultices on my child] so that [his] stomach would not become bloated.
habunnsoap'Igwa kami ning ma'ibakay ning 'asin, puspuru, 'asūkar kag habun.We have [money] to use in buying salt, matches, sugar and soap.nginapahabunanGinapahabunan ku sa 'iya 'ang 'iya buhuk.Her hair is allowed by me to be washed with soap by her.mahumut nga habunntoilet soapKung may kwarta kami nga 'ikabakay ning mahumut nga habun hay nagabakay kami.If we have money which can be used to buy toilet soap we buy [it].pahabunanvSomething is allowed by someone to be washed with soap by someone else.
habutvSomeone is busy doing things.Habut sila kay may mīting.They are busy because there is a meeting.ginahabuthābut'Ang 'inda dulsi gāni' hay gakuyangkūyang sa manga tāwu; ginahabuthābut lang 'ang 'inda tindīra nga si Mīsis Wagwag.Their candies were very insufficient for the people; Mrs. Wagwag, their lady storekeeper, was kept extremely busy.mahabuthābutvSomeone is kept busy by someone else, something, an activity.'Indi' naman, nga nākun, mahabuthābut 'ang nagadumāya nang tindāhan.The one managing the store, I said, will not at all be busy.
hābuyna blanketGinatakyuban ku 'inay hābuy.That one [child] was covered with a blanket by me.nhabuyvSomeone puts a blanket on someone else, puts on a blanket.naghabuy puts on a blanket, puts a blanket on someone
hadlukvSomeone is frightened by someone else or something.ginahadlūkanvSomeone or something is that of which someone is frightened.Ginahadlūkan 'aku kay, 'ang 'inda syap, hay pūru 'ispīhu 'ang dingding.I am frightened because, as for their shop, the wall is all glass.ginakahadluk'Anu pa 'ang ginakahadluk mu?What else are you frightened of?magpakahadluk1'Ayaw kamu magpakahadluk kay ma'āyu 'ang 'ākun pamatyag.Do not allow yourselves to be afraid because I am feeling well.2imper vCommonly with a negative.3vDo not allow yourself to be afraid!nahadluk1adjSomeone is afraid of someone else or something.Nahadluk is predicate, the one afraid is topic, and the person or thing which is the object of fear is a noun or pronoun introduced by sa.Nahadluk 'ini siya sa 'īmu kay kung 'īmu siya 'ipapatay.This one is afraid of you because he might be allowed by you to be killed.2Someone is afraid to do something.Nahadluk is predicate, the one afraid is topic, and the circumstance feared is a phrase introduced by nga.Nahadluk si Rūsa nga masayūran niya kung 'anu 'ang ginahambay sa tiligrāma.Rosa was afraid to find out what was said in the telegram.3Someone is afraid that something will happen.Nahadluk is predicate, the one afraid is topic, and the circumstance feared (optional) is a clause introduced by nga.Nang ginapangasawa na 'aku nagbālik 'aku sa Bakhāwan, kay nahadluk 'aku nga kadāmu' na 'ang nagapangasawa sa 'ākun.When someone courted me I returned to Bakhawan, because I was afraid that there were many who wanted to court me.Hay nahahadluk na kami hay nagabakwit gāni' kami 'adtu.We were already really afraid when we were evacuating there [to that place].pahadlukcaus vSomeone allows herself or himself to be afraid of someone else, something, a particular situation.
hagānasna swishing sound of something moving fast
hagba'cfmas mahāba'kahagba'varmahagba'adjSomething is long in linear measurement.Mahāba' 'ang 'iya siki; kahagba' 'ang manga kuku, pati' 'ang 'iya tuka' hay mahāba' kag matalīwis 'ang 'iya punta.The legs [of the barred rail bird] are long; the claws are long, also its beak is long and its end is pointed.'Ang 'iya ning siki hay mahagba' ning kuku.The feet [of a chestnut manikin] has long claws.kahagba'hagba'int adjSomething is very long in linear measurement.'Ang kuku niya hay kahagba'hagba'.The claws [of the bramingkite bird] are very long.cfhāba'
hagdanvarhagdānanna stepladder, house stepsSi Pidru, kung nagapu'pu' ning mangga, igwa siya ning hagdānan.When Pedro picks mango, he has a stepladder.'Ang 'amun hagdan hay marmul.Our house steps are marble.
hagkusnan abdominal binder for a babyNaghayuga' 'ang hagkus nang 'unga'; nagdugu' 'ang 'iya pūsud; gāni' ma'isut lang kag nawaya'.The abdominal binder of the child became loose; her umbilical cord bled; she almost was no more.An abdominal binder is used for a newborn infant or for others with stomach cramps when applying a hot medicinal plaster implastu.
hagkutvSomeone experiences cold.ginahagkutMay yāra' nga nagapanamkun, nga ginahagkut kāda hāpun, kag maskin 'āga pa hay gustu na magkinatūyug.There are some who have pregnancy cravings, who experience cold every afternoon, and even though it is already morning they like to keep on sleeping.kahagkutadjSomeone or something is cold.'Ang 'iba nga nagakadtu sa sinihan hay bukun pāra magtan'aw kundi' pāra makakatūyug kay tungud sa kahagkut sa suyud.Some go to movie houses not in order to watch [a movie] but so that they will be able to sleep because it is cold inside.
hagubhubgerthe howling of the windhinagubhubWaya' gid 'aku matuyūgi ma'āyu kay pa'unu ka nga matuyūgan? Kay 'ang 'īmu nababati'an hay 'ang hinagubhub nang hāngin.I was unable to sleep well because how is one able to sleep? Because what was able to be clearly heard by one is the continuous howling of the wind.
hagumā'anan ox-eyed scad fishSelar boops (Cuvier)Greenish blue above and silvery yellow below. A broad golden band extends from the large eye to the caudal peduncle, with a black spot on the hind margin of the operculum. A schooling fish which ranges from shallow coastal reefs and sandy areas to deep pelagic waters.nan Indian mackerel fishRastrelliger kanagurta (Cuvier)Iridescent greenish blue above, with faint dusky spots along the dorsal profile and a golden to dusky longitudinal band along the upper flank, and a silvery white below. Caught with a fishnet pūkut 1.
hagūnuyna hagunuy vineWedelia biflora (Linn.)The leaves of this vine are heated over a fire to dry them, then crumpled and used as a herbal medicine to cure stomachache.
hāgungna moan
hagunganna hagungan anchovy fishFamily Engraulidae'Ang ginagamus nga 'isda' hay 'ang lambīyung, dilag, lupuy, kag hagungan.Fish that is cured by salting and aging are lambiyung anchovies, dilag anchovies, gold striped sardines and hagungan anchovies.cfbulinawdilaglambīyung tabyusCharacterized by tiny scales; white in color, to about 10 cm. long.
hākupvSomeone or something is restrained by someone else to prevent escape.ginahākup'Indi' siya makahalinhalin kay ginahākup lang siya kung gustu siya maghalin.He could not get away because he was being restrained by the giant whenever he wanted to leave.hakūpunKung 'īmu naman 'ina' hakūpun hay gapisikpisik lang gid; gāni' 'īmu naman 'ina' pislitun 'ang 'iya 'ūyu pāra 'indi' na siya makaluksu sa pilit'an.If they (i.e., shrimp) will be restrained by you they will just escape; so their heads should be pressed down on by you so that they will [die and] no longer be able to jump out of the container.
hākutvSomeone carries something.ginhākutGinhākut nang manga subay 'ang dāwa pakadtu sa sāku kag waya' madūgay napunu' 'ang sāku.The pearl millet seed was carried by the ants to the sack and soon the sack was full.hākut, paghākutgersomeone's carrying somethingKung sa Duminggu mag'inūyan, 'indi' ta pagsigīhun 'ang paghākut ning batu kay madayūnut 'ang karsāda.If it rains continually on Sunday, the carrying of marble blocks will not be continued by us because the roads will be slippery.Pabalikbālik kay hākut mintras waya' pa na'ūbus!Go back and forth carrying until there are none left!magahākut, mahākutBasta ma'āyu 'ang tyimpu magahākut kitay rūbuls kāda Duminggu kung 'indi' lang mag'uyan.When the time is good we transport chunks of unsawed marble every Sunday if it just does not rain.maghinākut1infto continually carry somethingKabākas gid 'ina' si Karlus maghinākut ning batu dira' sa Agbuyug.Carlos is quick to continually carry stones [on his shoulder] there in Agboyog.2vSomething is carried by someone, something.nagahākutMay nagahākut ning dūta' may nagahākut ning batu.Someone was carrying soil and someone was carrying stones.nagahinākut'Ang masunud ku nga gingtrabāhu hay nagahinākut 'ānay kami ning batu.The next thing that was worked on by me was that we were continuously carrying stones.paghinākutdur gerthe continual carrying somethingGinti'isan ku gid 'ang paghinākut ning tubū'an.I really endured the continual carrying of [coconut] shoots [for planting].