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la'asadjA fruit is overripe.
la'ayvarla'ay nga niyugna very mature coconut fruitKung ma'ilārag mu na tanan 'ang linghut 'īmu naman 'ilārag 'ang la'ay nga niyug kag 'ang lanus nga pwīdi na malūgit.If all the vegetative clutter is able to be dropped down by you then the very mature coconuts and the fully-mature coconuts that could be made into copra should be dropped down by you.Very mature coconuts are about nine months or more old; the husk is brown in color. They are grated kāyus and squeezed pūga' to extract coconut milk extract gata', used either in cooking coconut flavored vegetables 'ūtan or in making coconut oil lāna nang niyug.cfkaluma'lūma'lāpas2lāpas2līgadlīpas luma'magūyang1magūyang1tāpus
la'ga'vSomething is boiled by someone in a liquid.synpakayadkaran, pakayadkarunginala'ga''Ini hay ginala'ga' lang kag pwīdi da 'ini nga ka'ūnun.As for these [common basket mollusks] they are just boiled and it is possible that [they] can then be eaten.ginla'ga''Ang paglūtu' 'adtu nang manuk waya' pagbu'aka kundi' ginbu'uy lang tanan 'ang kasudlan kag ginla'ga' sa tūbi'.The way of cooking that chicken was that it was not cut into halves but only the organs were removed and [it] was boiled in water.lina'ga', nila'ga'adja boiled food'Ang pamāhaw ni Linda hay lina'ga' nga balinghuy.As for the breakfast meal of Linda, [it] was boiled cassava.'Adtu 'ang 'āmun daya nga nila'ga' nga manuk, tuba', sūman nga binukbuk nga bugas, tabāku' kag mama, 'ākun 'ina' ginbutang sa langkapi.As for those things of ours, boiled chicken, coconut wine, wrapped sticky rice cakes, tobacco and betel nuts, they were put by me on the bamboo table.synpakayadkadCommon boiled foods: lina'ga' nga kamūti boiled sweet potato, lina'ga' nga mani boiled peanuts, lina'ga' nga ma'is boiled corn, lina'ga' nga 'itlug boiled egg, lina'ga' nga 'uraru boiled arrowroot.pagla'ga'gersomeone's boiling of something'Ang 'īmu 'ini pagla'ga', 'īmu gid pakayadkarun ning ma'āyu manga subra tunga' sa 'ūras.As for your boiling of these [buri leaves], let them boil very well for over half an hour.
lā'invSomething becomes bad, difficult, evil, severe.cfmālas kalā'in, malā'inadjSomething is bad, difficult, evil, severe.Waya' na da kati'is 'ini si Pitra magpamati' sa manga hambay ni Lūsi nga kalā'in gāni' nag'āway sinda.This Petra was not able to endure listening to the bad words of Lucy so they quarreled.May yāra' man nga manga babāyi nga nagahuman da ning malā'in; nagapangawatan da 'ini sinda.There are certainly some women who do evil; they commit adultery.cfmālas kala'īnannbadness, difficulty, evil, severityWaya' 'aku nagata'u sa 'īmu ning kala'īnan.I am not giving you a difficulty (i.e., a difficult situation).maglā'ininfto become bad, difficult, evil, severePa'unu maglā'in 'ang ginhāwa ku nga waya' gāni' nagasakit 'ang 'ākun tiyan?How is it possible for my breathing to become difficult when there is no pain in my stomach?nagalā'in'Ina' 'ang na'a'ayung'āyung, 'ang 'īmu 'ina' ginapamatyagan hay nagalā'in 'ang 'īmu ginhāwa kag nagasūka.That one who truly experiences severe symptoms of poisoning, as for that felt by one, [it] becomes severe and [one] vomits.
lā'ubvSomething is slowly heated by someone over a low fire.ginalā'ubadjSomething is slowly heated over a fire.'Ang gamut hay ginala'ga' kag 'ang dāhun hay ginalā'ub pāra mag'init'init pagkatāpus 'ibanyus sa tiyan.The roots are boiled and as for the leaves [they] are slowly heated in order to become gradually warm; then [they] should be applied [by rubbing] onto the stomach.nilā'ubHābang si Buy hay nagasūka, ginabanyusan siya nang 'iya lūla ning nilā'ub nga dāhun nang katumbay sa 'iya tiyan pāra 'indi' siya sapdukun hāngin.While Boy was vomiting, he was having slowly heated chili pepper leaves applied by his grandmother onto his stomach so that he would not have air enter him.
lā'umvSomeone or something is believed or is depended on by someone.cfdumdum1 dumdum1 huma'hūna'huma'hūna'huna'hūna' 'īsip 'īsip kalā'um, pagkalā'umpagdumdum, pagkadumdumginalam'an, ginala'ūmanWaya' sigūru pagkā'un nga daya, 'ang pangabūhi' nang manga sibilyan 'imaw 'ang 'inda ginalam'an nga 'inda kaka'ūnun.Maybe they had no food, so the civilians' means of living was that which was being depended on by them which would be eaten by them.kalā'um, pagkalā'umnsomeone's belief or thought about a particular situationNag'uyan nang 'aring būlan nang 'Abril; 'ang kalā'um ku 'adtu masigisīgi na ning 'uyan.It rained when [it was] the month of April; I thought (lit., my thought was) that it would still continue raining.Nagtugbung 'ina' dira' siya sa 'ubus kay may Hapun; 'adtung 'ispay gali' pagkalā'um nāmun 'adtu hay 'Intsik.He went down there below because there was a Japanese; we believed (lit: our belief was) that that spy was a Chinese.cfdumdum1 huma'hūna''īsip lā'ummala'ūmanWaya' nay nagapatahi' nga kustumir kay 'ang nagkabilin hay 'indi' mala'ūman.No more customers go there because the ones who remained were not able to be believed.
la'unadjan old maid dalāga, old rice bugas
lā'unncooked vegetable leaves, used as pig feed
la'ūyagersomeone's boiling or stewing of a foodKanāmit 'ang sabur nang karni kag nang sabaw, labi na gid kung 'ang paglūtu' hay la'ūya nga manuk.The flavor of the meat and broth are delicious especially when the cooking is the stewing of chicken.vSomeone boils or stews a food.nagla'ūya boiled or stewedMeat such as beef, chicken or pork is boiled until it becomes tender. Vegetables such as cabbage ripulyu , Chinese cabbage pitsay and potatoes patātas are added and flavored with salt 'asin, black pepper paminta, tomatoes kamātis, onions sibūyas and monosodium glutamate bitsin.
labavSomeone washes clothes.cfkilis panghūgaslabahan, labhanLabahan ni Glurya 'ang baru' ni Marta.The clothes of Martha will be washed by Gloria.labāhan1na clothes-washing place; a clothes-washing basin'Ang labāhan nina Nīta hay sa sapa'.The clothes-washing place of Nita and companion is at the seasonal creek.'Ang labāhan ni Lūla Santa hay dūyang.The clothes-washing basin of Grandmother Santa is a wooden wash tub.labāhan2nlaundry to be washedGinakupūhan ni Landa 'ang labāhan; gāni' dūgay siya.The laundry is all being done by Landa; that's why she is taking a long time.linabhan1varnilabhannwashed clothesPlantyahun ku 'ang 'ākun manga linabhan kay may trabāhu na 'aku buwas.My washed clothes will be ironed by me because I have work tomorrow.nagalabavClothes are washed by someone.'Ang 'āmun nanay sa bayay lang gid 'ang trabāhu; nagalūtu', nagalaba kag nagadipāra sa 'āmun maghāli.Our mother, [her] work was only in the house; [she] cooked, washed clothes and cared for us siblings.paglabagersomeone's washing clothes'Ang sūhuy 'adtu niya sa paglaba hay bukun 'inadlaw kundi' pinidāsu.The wage of that one in washing clothes was not by the day but by the piece.cfhugas
labābuna kitchen sink, a washstand with built-in washbasin'Ākun 'iniwāgan 'ang dāgat sa 'idāyum nang 'abūhan pati' sa labābu; hay ya' na ning suyud.The sea water was illuminated by me under the fireplace as well as under the sink; [but] there was nothing inside.
labakārana face towelWaya' da kami ning kāya nga 'ikakabakay ning labakāra; 'ang 'āmun ginagāmit hay 'ang limpyu nga bāru'.We do not have the wherewithal which can be used to frequently buy face towels; what we use are clean clothes.spectu'alya gentu'alya
lābanvSomeone competes against someone else for a particular prize or result.cfpagkandidātaginlābanNang kami ginlāban sa tatlu ka lugar, kami 'ang nakabu'uy ning 'isa sa pinakamatā'as na puntus.When we were competed against in three places, we alone were the ones able to get the highest score points.kalābanna competitor or rival in an activity'Ang 'ākun naman kalāban sa pamayadmāyad hay midyu malakas siya sa ma'istra, ngāni' 'aku waya' nabutang sa pangduha.My rival in the class was somewhat popular with my teacher, so I was not able to be placed in second honors.cfkandidāta karīballabanlābanna competition'Ini 'ang nagataksi' hay labanlāban da 'ini.As for this playing of rubber bands, this too is a competition.cfkandidāta magalāban, malābanvSomeone is competed against by someone else for a particular prize or result.'Adtu nga pagkandidāta niya bukun ning pagwapagwāpa, kundi' sa kwarta sinda magalāban; kung sin'u 'ang daku' kwarta, siya 'ang rayna.As for her competing as a contestant, [it is] not for beauty but [it is] for money that they will compete against [their opponents]; whoever is the one who has lots of money, she will be the queen.
labandīrana laundry woman
labayna multiple-hook fishing lineConsists of a line bahāyan up to 100 meters or more in length with leaders and hooks interspersed every half meter or so. Used in the open sea to catch tuna fish tulīngan.synlambu
labhagna welt on the body, caused by an infectionMay yāra' nga natatabu' nga nagahubag 'ang siki, ginatubū'an ning manga labhag sa lāwas kag, 'ang 'iba, hay nagagūyus 'ang 'inda parti.There are some instances in which the feet become swollen, welts come out on the body and, for some, the private parts develop suppurating sores.