Romblomanon - English


'ainjOh! An expression of pleasure or a negative expression of dislike.'A! Nang sa manga nanay naman, waya' da gihāpun kami sirbis na sa baryu.Oh! When it was already just the mothers, we no longer had public service in the village.
'abavarabawinjHey! Oh!'Aba nga ka'āyu 'ang 'īya bāru'!Oh, how nice her dress is!'Abaw! Kahāpun pag'abut, waw! Kagwāpu gali' 'ini si Taluy kag kabata'bāta' pa.Oh! Yesterday when he arrived, wow! Taluy is really handsome and still very young.
'abāganthe shoulder of an animal, person, covered fish trap tabūnan
'abāhungna bean horse musselModiolula phaseolina
'abanīkuna folding fanA traditional fan used by upper-class women.
'abantiadjSomeone or something goes forward, is in a forward position.'Anu 'ang pitik nang pulsu kung halimbāwa' may sakit nga kilkig? 'Atras 'abanti 'inang pitik.What is the pulse beat [like] if, for example, [someone] has a poison sickness? That beat is back and forward.antatras'atras
'abayvSomeone is accompanied by something or someone else.gina'abayan'Ang 'āmun na'agihan daw gid kami 'ang gina'abayan ning manga dimunyu kay tūdu gid 'ang 'inūyan.That which we experienced was that it seems that we are surely accompanied by many devils because the continuous raining is heavy.
'ābayna bridegroom or bridesmaid
'ābiinjPlease do something.Used in command or request sentences, sentences expressing a wish.Butangi 'ābi, Papa, ning sūka' 'ina' 'ang 'ākun pinangat nga ginalūtu'.Father, please put vinegar on my fish dish that is being cooked.syn'ānay2advSomething certainly or hopefully happens or happens with hopeful expectations; a state certainly or hopefully exists.Hay 'adtung manga tāwu nga nagpangkara' sa baylīhan na'ingganyu da sinda nga magtībul kay barātu 'ābi.Those many people who went to the dance were encouraged to sit at tables because they were certainly cheap.Dinaya 'ābi 'aku sa tigyaki.I was brought with hopeful expectations to the relatives of the'ara'bāsi' kungkabaykabay pakabay pakunta'2kunta'2sigūrusigūrusigūru'ugālingparīhu 'ābi (parīhu 2)such as, like, for example
'abilidadnsomeone's ability or skill in a particular accomplishment'Aku, waya' gid ning 'abilidad sa pagbuyung 'ina' kay 'aku kung 'ikumpara hay yāra' pa lang 'aku sa grid wan; 'ikaw naman hay yāra' na sa grid tu.As for me [I] do not have skills like that in curing [sick people] because as for me if [I] will be compared [to someone else] I am only in grade one; you are already there in grade two.
'ābirsubord conjAlthough or even though a particular event occurs or a particular state exists, nevertheless another event occurs or another state exists.For another function of 'ābir 'anu see bīsan 'anu 2.'Ābir waya' 'akuy kwarta hay makakakā'un 'akuy kan'un.Even though I have no money, I will be able to eat rice.May yāra' pa nga manga lyāki nga 'ābir 'asawāhan na hay nagapyupangasāwa pa sa manga dalāga.There are still some men who, even though they are already married men, they casually court young ladies.Kung 'ang sakit ni Nurma hay sagnat, 'ābir 'anu nga kadangga, natutuyūgan pa siya ning mamū'uk.If the illness of Norma is fever, even though it is very high, she is still surely able to sleep soundly.Sometimes 'ābir is followed by 'anu with no apparent change in meaning. The construction is followed by the modifying ligature nga and a clause.synbīsan maskin cfmagka'unu'ūnu2advIn addition to something involved in a particular event, surprisingly something else is even involved.Ka'ūnun mu na lang 'ābir pānit pāra masudlan 'ang 'īmu tyan ning pagkā'un.Even [vegetable] peelings would just be eaten by one so that one's stomach would be able to have food put inside.Waya' siya ning natingi' nga bugas, 'ābir 'isa ka kīlu.He was not able to buy rice, [not] even one kilogram.cfmagka'unu'ūnu2
'ābir 'anu2varbīsan 'anu 3any thing, whatever the thing
'ābir 1a,cfbīsan magka'unu'ūnu1maskin
'ābir di'in2varbīsan di'in 2in whatever place; anywhere, no matter where
'ābir san'u2varsan'u at any time
'ābir sin'u2varsin'u 2b3anyone, everyonecfbīsan kanin'u2ka1 ka1 kanin'u2
'abīsunan announcement about a happeningvSomeone announces a happening.nag'abīsu announced
'abitvSomeone carries a child on the upper body.'abītanna carrying blanket'Igwa 'ina' sinda ning munīka nga gina'abit sa 'abītan kay 'imaw kunu 'adtu 'ang 'unga' ninda.They have a doll which is carried on the upper body inside a carrying blanket because that, they say, is their baby.A carrying blanket is about two meters long and is used as described above.gina'abit'Igwa 'ina' sinda ning munīka nga gina'abit sa 'abītan kay 'imaw kunu 'adtu 'ang 'unga' ninda.They have a doll which is carried on the upper body in a carrying blanket because, they say, that is their baby.naga'abitvA child is carried on the upper body by someone.Parīhu na 'akuy 'amu' nga kay naga'abit 'aku ning 'unga' hay nagakāmang.I was already like a monkey because I was carrying a child on the upper body [on my back] in crawling.Carrying is either in front, on the back or on a hip. Sometimes a long carrying blanket with the ends tied together at the neck is used with the child sitting inside.