Romblomanon - English


'ālayna tithe given to the church'Adtu 'ang 'īmu 'ālay nga waya' mu mataw'i nang naglīgad nga simāna, hay taw'an mu gid 'itun pāra nga 'indi' magdāku' 'ang 'īmu tyaw'ānan.As for that tithe of yours that you were not able to give the previous week, you must surely give this in order that your financial obligation will not become large.cflimus limus pakumkumtyaw'ānan1
'albularyuna herbalist; that is a specialist in the use of herbs for curing an illnessNagakilībit 'ang 'albularyu.A herbalist divines an illness with an egg.synmiyugbūyung
'albutrana woody suma vineArcangelisia flava (Linn.)Stems are the source of a yellow dye.
'alibangbangna butterfly fishThere are numerous species of butterfly fish: Philippine Chaetodon adiergastos; golden Chaetodon semeion; raccoon Chaetodon lunula; lined Chaetodon oxycephalus (Bleeker); one-spot Chaetodon unimaculatus (Bloch); black-backed Chaetodon melannotus; vagabond Chaetodon vagabundus; eight-banded Chaetodon octofasciatus; goldon-banded Chaetodon punctatofasciatus; black saddled Chaetodon ephippium; lineate or three-striped Chaetodon trifasciatus (Park); white-spotted Chaetodon kleini; latticed Chaetodon rafflesii; threadfin Chaetodon auriga; oval-spot Chaetodon speculum. These fish are generally found around shallow reefs. Caught with spear guns pana' 2, or fish traps tambākan, tabūnan.
'alibutbutnan alibutbut shrubTabernaemontana pandacaqui (Poir.)Bark, roots and leaves are used for medicinal purposes.
'aligincrab fat; hard in texture and yellow in color
'alīhidnthe edge of an object, as a road; the dry edge of a beach; the margin of an areaKung nagapamutut ka, didtu ka magsaybuk sa 'alīhid nang pilāpil nga 'igwa ning būhu'.When you gather pond-field shrimp, you scoop [them] up there at the edge of a pond-field dike which has holes.'Ang 'iba naman hay nagapamasyar sa 'alīhid nang baybay pāra nga 'ang 'inda huna'hūna' hay mapakadtu naman sa 'iba nga bāgay nga 'inda nakikīta' sa dāgat.Some people roam around the dry edge of the beach so that their thoughts will really go to other things which are able to be seen by them in the ocean.'Ini nga magtūna' ning 'inūyan matanum 'aku ning gābi sa 'alīhid nang bayay didtu sa may tūbi'.This time when it begins to rain continuously I will plant taro at the margin of the house there where there is water (i.e., near a water faucet).cfbanda1 baybay bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'bi'kakantukantūhankantukantukantukantupīliwpīliwpīliwpīliwpīliwpinakamalapittākastūnga'tūnga'tūnga'tūnga'tunga' tunga' tunga'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'tunga'tūnga'
'alīla'na slave, a debt slaveBukun mu 'aku alīla' diri sa bayay!I am not your slave in the house!gen'ulīpuncfpabahūyunsāpat A derogatory term. Slaves were common in past times. A debt slave is someone forced to work without wages to pay off a debt.adja cared-for animal or fowl; a domestic animal or fowl; a pet bird, cat, dog, monkeyKung 'ikaw magbūbud dāpat hay yadtu ka sa tunga' nang 'īmu manga 'alīla' nga manuk nagapungku', pāra 'ang 'īmu manga manuk nga 'alīla' hay 'indi' mag'ila.When you feed [them], you should sit down there in the middle of your cared-for chickens so that your cared-for chickens will not become wild.Sa 'ākun nakikīta' diri sa Rumblun, kāda bayay nga 'ākun nga ginakadtu'an hay 'igwa ning 'āyam nga 'alīla'.What I saw here in Romblon, [was that] every house to which I would go there was a pet dog.cfsāpat Cared-for animals include pigs bābuy, cattle bāka, chickens manuk, dogs 'āyam, and goats 'uning.vA baby, domestic animal, fowl, a flowering or fruit-bearing plant, a sick person is cared for or nurtured by someone.'alīla' nga 'unga'1nan adopted child raised as one's own offspringsyn'ampuncf'ampunpabāhuy nga 'unga'2vSomeone adopts a child.gina'alīla''Imaw 'ini 'ang klāsi nang manuk nga gina'alīla' diri sa Rumblun; 'imaw 'ini 'ang ginatawag nga nītib nga manuk.This is the kind of chickens which are cared for here in Romblon; these are what are called local chickens.cfpabāhuy1ging'alīla'Ging'alīla' ku 'ang tanum nga buyak.The flowering plant was nurtured by me.nag'alīla'Nag'alīla' si Magda ning 'unga' kay baw'as siya.Magda adopted a child because she was barren.
'alimbubūyugnan insect'Ang dugus hay būnga nang rilasyun nang manga putyūkan kag 'iba pa klāsi nga manga 'alimbubūyug nga nagadāpu' sa manga kabuyākan.Honey is the result of the relationship between honeybees and different kinds of insects that alight on flower beds.
'alipāta'nan alipata mangrove treeExcoecaria Agallocha (Linn.)Grows along the edge of mangrove swamps katunggan.
'alipāyuknhot ashes, blown by the wind, of something burning as cogon grass, dried leavescf'abu 'agbun
'alipukpuknthe peak of a hill, a mountainSi Marta hay yadtu didtu naga'istar sa 'alipukpuk.As for Martha, [it] is there on the [mountain] peak that [she] lives.cfbakilidkatayūrantangkapcfbakilidkatayūrantayudtangkap
'alisngawnground vapor from the sun's heat on damp earth; steam from a kettlecf'alisusu nthe fragrance of a flower būyak, food pagkā'un, perfume pahūmut
'alistuadjSomeone is prepared or ready to do something; something is ready to be used for a particular purpose.Kung kamu nga 'upat hay 'alistu na magkānam ning bakingki', mahuman na kamu 'ina' ning bakingkī'an.If the four of you are now ready to play hopscotch, you will now make a hopscotch place.synginahanda'handa'nakahanda'cfhanda'pagpripararvSomeone prepares something for a particular event.'alistuhunKung 'ikaw hay 'igwa nay tuba' nga sayūrun, 'alistuhun mu na 'ang 'īmu sayud.If you already have coconut wine which will be caught, your coconut-wine collecting container will then be prepared by you.synhanda'cfpriparargin'alistuGin'alistu nāmun 'adtu 'ang 'āmun manga gamitun sa pagbī'aw.Those things we would use in exorcising the evil spirit were prepared by us.naga'alistuvSomething is prepared by someone for a particular event.Kung 'ina' sinda hay kasayun na, 'ang manga tiglyaki naga'alistu ning bābuy nga 'inda 'ihāwun sa 'adlaw nang kasay nang 'inda ning 'unga' nga lyāki.When it is about time that the wedding ceremony would be held, the relatives of the groom prepare a pig which will be butchered by them on the wedding day of their son.
'alisusunheat radiation; heat waves; steam observed above a pot of boiling watercf'alisngaw vSomething gives off heat waves or steam; a fever, a fire radiates heat.naga'alisusuNaga'alisusu 'ang sagnat ni Ramūna.Ramona's fever radiates heat.
'alkuhulvarrābing 'alkuhul2
'almasigana Manila copal treeAgathis philippinensis Warb.The resin from this tree is used as incense in religeous ceremonies.
'almirisna condiment mortar'Ang paghuman naman nang 'almiris 'inang ginabayuhan hay ginasinsil 'ānay 'ina' pagkurti bāgu 'ina' bay'agan.In making a condiment mortar which is that in which [something] is pounded with a pestle [it] is first chiseled in being shaped before it is filed.
'almurānasna hemorrhoid
'alpana limpet molluskSubfamily Emarginulinaesynkapinan