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'āpugnlime powder made from burning seashells'Ang manga buyung nga ginagāmit sa pagsāpu' hay duyaw, kusuy, lubigan kag 'āpug.As for the medicines that are used in curing skin irritations, [they] are turmeric rhizomes, kusuy rhizomes, lubigan rhizomes and lime powder.
'apungānguna flower, fruit or vegetable stem which attaches to the plant branch or stalk
'āputvFire kindles combustible material.cfdabuk gatung magdāyabma'apūtanvCombustible material or fire flames.Pirmi mu siru'un 'ang sīlung nang tapāhan kay kung ma'apūtan 'ang sayug.Always check the underneath part of the smoking rack because the floor might be kindled.maga'āputvCombustible material is kindled with a fire.'Ang bunut nga ginabutang primīru sa 'idāyum hay 'ang 'uga nga bunut pāra maga'āput 'ang kalāyu.The coconut husks which are put down on the bottom first are dry husks so that the fire will kindle [them].nag'āputKung nag'āput na 'ang kalāyu, 'inut'inut na 'ang 'īmu pagbutang ning bunut hasta magtupung sa kinutkutan.When the fire has already kindled [some coconut husks], your putting of the coconut husks is little by little until they become level with the place where [soil] was dug out.naga'āputGinapusa' 'ang baguy bāgu 'ibutang sa naga'āput nga bunut.The coconut shells are broken [into pieces] before putting them on coconut husks that are flaming.cfdāyab pa'aputannkindling used to kindle a larger body of materialcfdabuk gatung
'ara'advperchance, perhapsNa'īsip nāmun mag'asawa kung 'anu 'ara' 'ang tubtuban 'ini niya nga pag'istādi.[It] was thought by us, husband and wife, what, perhaps, would be the result of this one's'ābi bāsi' bāsi' kungkabay pakunta'2sigūrusigūru'ugāling'ugāling
'ārasnespousal objects consisting of money and wedding ringsBuy'un nang pāri' 'ang kwarta sa butangan ning 'āras kag 'ita'u sa nubyu.The priest gets the money from where the espousal objects were placed and gives it to the groom.The priest takes a ring singsing from the container containing the espousal objects and places it on the finger of the groom; he repeats this action for the bride. He then gets money kwarta from the container and gives it to the groom who slowly and noiselessly gives it to the bride. The bride slowly and noiselessly returns the money to the container. If a noise is created during this ritual the couple, it is said, will engage in noisy quarreling during marriage.vA priest performs the espousal ritual with the use of espousal objects.naga'ārasKung naga'āras na 'ang pāri' sa ginakasay hay 'indi' pagpakalīngun nang nubya sa pagbutang sa butāngan nang pāri' pāra 'indi' kunu sinda pirmi mag'ināway nga nagasininggītan kag nagalinīngaw.When the priest performs the espousal ritual for the ones being married [the ring and money] should not be allowed by the fiancé e to jingle in putting [them] into the place where the priest puts [them] so that they will not always quarrel in which [they] are always shouting and always making noise.pag'ārasnan espousal ritual performed by a priest during a wedding ceremonyWaya' nadāyun 'ang pag'āras sa ginakasay.The espousal ritual for [those who] were being married was not able to be continued.
'argawna premna odorata treePremna odorata (Blanco.)The leaves of this small tree are sometimes used as the source of medication.
'arivarnang 'ari (nang 3)whenvar'ari nga gab'i (gab'i 4)tonightvar'ari niyan (niyan 1a)now, todayvar'ari nga 'adlaw ('adlaw 4c)todayvar'ari nga 'āga ('āga 1d)this morning
'arīnanwheat flourUsed for making bread, cakes, cookies and other baked items.
'arītusnan earringGinahuman 'ini nga 'arītus, pulsīras kag tampuk nang singsing.This [shell] is made into earrings, bracelets and ring stones.spec'alāhas
'arkilavSomeone rents an object such as a boat, furniture, a vehicle.cfmaplītinag'arkilaPag'abut didtu, 'igway tāwu sa baybay nga nag'arkila ning barūtu.Upon arriving there, there was a person on the beach who rented a boat.cfplīti