Romblomanon - English


kwintanthe value or worth of something in terms of monetary or other considerationsMay tāwu nga ma'āyu gumastus kung sa 'inūman; waya' kwinta 'ang kwarta sa 'iya.There is a person who is good in spending [money] when it is for drinking; money has no value [to him].synkapuyuspuyus puyus
kwirdasna steel string of a musical instrumentsyn'asīru
kwītisna sky rocketSky rockets and firecrackers lubintadur are used for festive occasions, especially during New Year celebrations.
kyabāsana squash vineCucurbita maxima (Cucurb)cftabu'2 na squash gourd, eaten as a vegetablen'ūtan nga kyabāsancoconut flavored squash
kyakuranna coconut-meat graterUsed for making grated coconut kināyus (kāyus 2), pāyuk.