Romblomanon - English


kāhanthe packing case of various items, as beer, matches, soft drinks; the hull of a boat or ship'Adtu 'ang makina nang mutur hay ginbaligya' na lang nāmun kay nabāsag 'ang kāha nang 'adtu hay nagbagyu.As for that engine of the pump boat, it was just sold by us because the hull of that [boat] was broken when there was a typhoon.kāha nang puspuru (puspuru 3)a matchbox
kahabā'an2na ceiling joist of a building'Ang punta nang pīsi' 'ihigut sa 'ibābaw nang kāhuy; pwīdi sa may kahabā'an nang 'īmu bayay.Tie the end of the rope on the upper part of a tree; [or] it might be [tied to] the [two outside] ceiling joists of your house.
kāhangmakāhangadjA food or food condiment is pungent or hot with a burning sensation, as sweet pepper katumbay, vinegar sūka'.sūka' nga makāhang (sūka')hot vinegar
kahāpun2varhāpun 4yesterday