Romblomanon - English


labiginapalabiGinapalabi ku gid 'ang 'ātun kanta sa Rumblun nang 'ūna nga tyimpu.Our songs in Romblon in past times are really given importance by me.labi naadvA particular event occurs or state exists especially when certain conditions are met; a person, place, time or thing, especially a more limited or specific person, place, time or thing.Kanāmit 'ang sabur nang karni kag nang sabaw, labi na gid kung 'ang paglūtu' hay la'ūya nga manuk.The flavor of the meat and the broth are delicious, especially when the cooking of the chicken is by boiling.Diri sa Rumblun labi na diri sa Lūnus, 'ang manga tāwu diri nga may manga lanas hay nagasalig lang gid sa 'uyan.Here in Romblon especially here in Lonos , the people here who have rice fields just depend on rain.cflālu'lalunglālu'palabicaus vSomething is given importance by someone.
labnugna hawili shrub or treeFicus hauili (Blanco.)The leaves and root is sometimes used as a source of herbal medicine.
labuantkatālikalabuvarmalabuadjA food is of a soft consistency.'Ang 'iya 'ini ning 'unud hay kalabu nga 'īmu ka'ūnun.As for the meat of this [Hebrew moon snail], [it] is of a soft consistency when [it] is eaten by you.Kung magūyang na 'ang būnga nang lūsay 'ang 'iya naman 'ini ning 'unud hay malabu.When the fruit of the shallow-ocean seaweed is already matured, as for its meat, it is of a soft consistency.antmatāli
labu'vSomeone or something is slashed or stabbed by someone else.cfdinugkay, ginadugkaydugkaytugsuktugsuktusluktuslukunginalābu'Ginalabu' ni Samsun 'ang kawāyan.The bamboo is being slashed by Samson.ginanilābu'Namatay na. Ngāni' 'ina' ginanilābu' pa nīmu?[That one] is already dead. Why is that one still being continually stabbed by you?cfdugkaytugsuktuslukginlabu'Kung nagpalapit si Lībi nga ma'ubay sa 'iya, 'iya ginlabu'.When Levi came close to sleep with her, he was stabbed by her.maglabu'infto slash or stab someone or something'Ikaw 'ang may sundang, kundi' 'ikaw 'ang maglabu' 'ini nang 'ūyu.You are the one who has a bolo, so you are the one to slash this [chicken's] neck.
lābudnsediment from a liquid'Ang kapi nga gingtimpla ni Marisil sa 'iya bisīta hay may lābud.The coffee which was prepared by Maricel for her visitors had sediment.nedible ocean sediment, eaten by sea creaturesKung may nagapalapit 'ini sa 'inda nga lābud hay 'inda 'ini ginakā'un.If there is edible sediment that goes near these ones (i.e., cockscomb oysters), it is eaten by these ones.
lābugva plant or tree blooms.malābugvarkalābug, kilābugadjA plant, tree is in bloom.nagalābugNaghambay siya sa 'iya 'unga', "Tūyug na Pidirīku nga 'unga' ku; sūbung kita sa kāhuy, hābang nagalābug 'ang sanga ginabāli' naman ninda."She said to her child, "Sleep now my son Federico; we are like a tree, while it is blooming the branches are being broken by them (i.e., the wicked mother of Enrico and her soldiers)."
labūnukna thud, a sharp crashing noisecflagābungvSomething makes a banging or crashing noise.nagalinabūnukGinasumbag 'ang dingding, nagalinabūnuk 'ang pwirtāhan kasisīpa'.The walling is struck with [his] fist, the door continually makes a banging noise in being kicked.cflagābung
labusna starry puffer fishArothron stellatus (Bloch and Schneider)Light olive green and covered with small black blotches; the belly is white. The liver and gonads are highly poisonous. Inhabits coral reefs. With careful cleaning this fish is eaten.
lābutadjAn object or taste is strange or different.Lābut is followed by kaysa to indicate a comparison.Sa pagkatūyug ni Dilya, nagdamgu siya nga may nakīta' siya nga lābut nga kāhuy.At the time of Delia's sleeping, she dreamed that she saw a strange tree.Lābut gid 'ang 'itsāhan nang bunut kag lābut 'ang 'itsāhan nang binu'uk nga niyug.The place where the husks are cast and the place where the coconut pieces (i.e., the whole coconuts without husks) are cast are different (i.e., they are cast in separate places).'Ang dugus, hay lābut 'ang sabur kaysa tam'is nang 'asūkar.As for honey, [its] taste is different from the sweetness of sugar.labutlābut1rep adjmany different or many strange (kinds of) objects'Ini nga sīhi' hay labutlābut ning kulur kag labutlābut da ning kurti.As for these mollusks [they have] many different colors and many different shapes.'Ang 'asūkar 'isa lang 'ang sabur: basta kay matam'is, pīru 'ang dugus labutlābut 'ang sabur.Sugar has only one taste: that it is sweet, but honey has many different tastes.2vSomething becomes different or strange.magpasinlabutKung mag'asāwa 'aku sa 'indi' ninda gustu, hay 'indi' da sinda magpasinlabut.If I take a spouse whom they do not like, they will not have concern [for me].nagalābutvSomething seems different or strange to someone.Nagalābut 'ang batāsan nang naga'asāwa liwat.The character of one who marries a second time becomes different.nalalābutvSomeone has concern for someone else, something.'Ang 'inda tibulan hay nalalābut gid sa tanan kay 'ang tibulan ginbutangan ning linya.Their table area seemed different to everyone because the table area was where a line was placed.
lagā'itnthe squeak of a chair, house, table etc. when it is old and about to collapse.cfnaga'īgutvA chair, house, table etc. squeaks because it is old and about to collapse.nagalaga'itMalapit na masīra' 'ang 'āmun bayay kay nagalaga'it na 'ang bubūngan.Our house is about to be destroyed because the roof is'īgut
lagābungna banging noise, a sharp crashing noiseWaya' ka mababati'an kundi' hay lagābung na lang.You will be able to clearly hear nothing except only the banging noise.cflabūnuk nagalinabūnuk
lagangna chambered nautilus molluskNautilus pompilius'Ini 'ang lagang, hay kung gadyāgan, 'ini siya hay patalikud.As for the chambered nautilus mollusk, when [it] runs, this one goes backwards.nplastik nga lagang1na paper nautilus molluskKung gab'i na gid, 'ang plastik nga lagang hay naga'ayamag kung sinda hay nagadyāgan.When it is very late at night, as for paper nautilus mollusks, [they] are caught when they run.
lagāri'na saw, used for sawing a hard substance, as metal or woodnSomething is sawn by someone.Nang 'ūna 'ina' hay kanyūgan hay 'igwa da nāga nga kāhuy nga ginlagāri' na kay nalūka.In the past, there where there was a coconut grove there was a narra tree which was sawn because it fell over.ginalagāri''Ina' niyan 'inda ginalagāri' 'ang blukīti sa makina.During this period of time the marble blocks are sawn by them with a machine.
lagatmalagatadvSoon or in a short time something happens.Paka'ayūha didtu 'ang higdā'an ni mamay mu kay malagat hay 'isaylu.Prepare the lying-down place of your mother there because soon [she] will move [there].malagatlagatint advVery soon or in a very short time something happens.Yadtu sa baybay nagasiru' sa barūtu ni Lūlu; malagatlagat 'umabut na da 'ang 'iya tatay.[He] was at the beach looking for Grandfather's boat; in a very short time his father arrived.
lagātuknthe clack of a shoe on a hard surface
lagayanna Hebrew moon snailNaticarius hebraeus
lagaylayna lagaylay vine or beanCanavalia ensiformis (Linn.)Tender pods and beans are eaten as a vegetable.
lagmawndishwater; water in which dishes and cookware are washedAdded to pig feed bahug.nlagmāwanna slop pail in which dishwater is put
lagunan earthwormKung 'ang tikling, 'ang 'iya ginatuka' hay 'ang pisu' nang susu', humay, tibakya, lagu; nagatuka' da ning būnga nang kāhuy.If a barred rail bird, as for that eaten by it by pecking, it is the young of subcylindrical truncatella birds, rice, grasshoppers, earthworms; [they] also eat the fruit of trees.
lagudvSomeone chases or runs after someone else.ginalagudPakadtu pa lang, hay 'inda ginalagud kay nagkadtu gāni' 'aku sa 'Udyūngan.Still going there, [I] was being chased by them because I went to Odiongan.linagudLinagud pa gid 'aku.I was still surely being chased.nagalinagūranvSomeone or something is chased by someone or something else.Kung 'īmu siru'un sa dāyan hay daw nagalinagūran.If you would look at [them] on the road, it seemed that [Sario] was running after [Lucy].nalagud, nilagudNahāngit 'ang 'uning, nilagud siya pīru ma'abtik 'ang 'ambu'.The cat got angry; he (i.e., the rat) was able to be chased but the rat was quick [in running].cflāhay
lagumbavSomeone stamps her or his feet.maglagumbaDāpat hay 'indi' ka maglagumba pāra nga 'indi' mu madisturbu 'ang pagkatūyug ni Lūla.You should not stamp [your] feet in order that Grandmother's sleeping will not be disturbed by you.
lagundi'na lagundi shrubVitex negundo (Linn.)The leaves are used as a source for herbal medicine.