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muyu'vSomeone advises someone else.cfginakamaluy'anginaminūyu'vSomeone greets someone else.Ginaminūyu' nang 'ākun nanay 'ang 'ākun 'unga' kay kagwāpagwāpa kunu.My mother always compliments my child because it is said that she is very beautiful.gingmuyu'1Gingmuyu' ni Huwan 'ang 'ākun 'unga', gāni' nagmasakit.My child was praised by Juan; that's why [he] became sick.Gingmuyu' ni Pidru 'ang trabāhu ni Huwan kay ka'āyu.The work of Juan was praised by Pedro because it was good.gingmuyu'2Gingmuyu' 'aku ni Pirla sa mirkādu.I was greeted by Perla at the market.muyu' nang buhi'vA child is made sick through being admired by someone else.muyu' nang kalagvSomeone is inflicted with soul sickness by a departed soul, usually a close relative.muyu'unMuyu'un mu si Lilya pāra mabu'uy 'ang 'iya kahangit sa 'īmu.Greet Lilia so that her anger towards you will be removed.nagamuyu'vSomeone or something is complimented or praised by someone else.Kadāmu' 'ang nagamuyu' kay Plurintīna nga 'indi' kunu siya mag'āngay nga magduta'.Many were advising Florentina that working in the field is not appropriate for her.nagmuyu'vSomeone is greeted by someone else.Siya 'ang nagmuyu' sa 'ākun ning 'ūna sa may plāsa.She was the one who greeted me first near the plaza.namuyu' nang buhi'Namuyu' nang buhi' 'ang 'ākun 'unga'.My child was made sick through being admired [by others].The sickness of a child or rarely of an adult may inadvertently result from a comment about some desirable characteristic of that person, as an exceptional ability in the use of words, good looks, intelligence, industriousness in working. This might attract the attention of an evil spirit which then causes the person to become sick.namuyu' nang kalagKung sa 'ina' baya 'ang namuyu' nang kalag, diri naman 'aku nagasiru' pag mahāba' 'ang tukar nang pulsu.If it is on that place [of the body] that someone happened to be inflicted with soul sickness by a departed soul, this is [the part of the body] I examine when the beat of the pulse is slow.Soul sickness is the result of attracting the admiration of a departed soul kalag. (See also lū'uy 3.)cflū'uypurya muyu'idiomAn expression said to negate the bad effects of attracting the admiration of a departed soul kalag. (See sense 2 above.)
muyumūyunan unopened flower'Ang manga tanum nga būyak ni Mīsis Mitra hay may muyumūyu na.The flowers that were planted by Mrs. Mitra already have unopened flowers.'īlu muyumūyu ('īlu 1a)a orphan without parents
myagbaguna coral rabbitfishSiganus corallinus (Valenciennes)Yellow, covered with small light-blue spots. Lives around shallow coral reefs and rocky areas.
MyirkulisnWednesdayKung 'umabut naman 'ang bapur 'adlaw nang Duminggu, makubra naman 'ang 'āmun hinurnalan 'adlaw naman nang Martis hasta Myirkulis.If the boat arrived on a Sunday, our laborer's wages would be able to be received only on a Tuesday or Wednesday.pagkaMyirkulisnon WednesdayDidtu na kami nagkatuyug bāgu bumālik naman pagkaMyirkulis.We slept there again before returning on Wednesday.