Romblomanon - English


na'i-abl acfprefSomeone or something was able to be an accessory to an action by someone else.The range of meaning of this accessory focus prefix includes what is generally called instrumental focus. Na'ibakay 'was able to be used to buy something'.Dāmu' gid 'ina' nga būlig 'ang na'ita'u ku kay Dilya, pīru nyan daw bāli waya' na lang 'adtu sa 'iya.That help was certainly generous which was able to be given to Delia by me, but now it seems as though that has no value to her.cfgiN- giN- gina- gina- gina- gina- 'i-1'i-1'ika--in-1-in-1 ma'i-ma'i-
na'unu1intg impers pronWhat is the situation of a person, thing?Na'unu 'adtu sa bayay? Bāsi' 'adtu nagsinggit?What is the situation in that house? Why did those ones shout?Sināka' 'aku ni Manang sa suyambi'. "Na'unu ka, Basyun?"I was climbed up to by Older Sister in the lean-to. "What is your situation (i.e., how are you), Basyon?"intg impers pronkung na'unurel impers pronwhat the situation of a person or thing isNagsūgat kami 'ina' ning miyugbūyung pāra 'ipatan'aw kung na'unu kay nagapinanūka; 'indi' ma'ampat'ampat.We fetched that herbalist in order [it] would be shown what the situation [of the sick person] was, because he keeps on vomiting; it will not stop.