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puyusnthe use, value or worth of something in terms of monetary or other considerationsKung kumadtu ka sa simbāhan kag pagkatāpus hay 'indi' ka da makapamāti' sa mīsa waya' ning puyus.If you go to church and afterwards you are unable to hear mass, there is no value [in it].synkwintacfbilat kapuyuspuyus1int adjSomething is very useful or valuable, is not at all useful or valuable.Tūdu 'ang kahāngit nang 'iya 'asāwa kay waya' kapuyuspuyus 'ang 'iya ginapamag'ūtang sa tindāhan.The anger of his wife is great because every one of the things being charged by him at the store are not at all useful.synkwinta2vSomeone profits from or uses something.magapuyusHay 'aku lang gid kunu 'ining magapuyus da, hambay nang 'amu'.Only I, he said, will profit from this, the monkey said.
pūyutvSomething is picked up by someone.puyūtunKung panid'an mu lang gid 'ini sinda hay makakangilit ka lang gid kay daw ka da 'ang malulū'uy nga puyūtun.If you watch them [mollusks] you will just start laughing because you will feel sorry for them and [they] will be picked up.
pwīdi2varpuydi2adjA particular event is acceptable, appropriate, expedient, functional, permissible, or possible.Pwidi is predicate; the expressed event, preceded by an optional nga, is topic.'Ang paglūtu' 'ini nang sīhi', hay ginagat'an; pwīdi da 'ini nga 'asluman.The way to cook these mollusks, is that they are cooked in coconut milk extract; [it] is acceptable that sour flavoring will be added to them.'Ini nga balayan nang sīhi' 'indi' da 'ini pwīdi nga pangdikurasyun sa bayay.These empty shells of seashells, using them for decorating in a house is not appropriate.Pwīdi ba 'aku diri kakatūyug sa 'indu bayay?Is [it] permissible for me to sleep in your house?'Ang ginkā'un nang bāka, hay pwīdi gid bīsan sa 'isa ka tū'ig.As for that which was eaten by the cow, for [it] to last for one year was possible.The verb following pwīdi is commonly inflected for ability.Pwīdi 'ikaw nga makakadtu sa bayay.That you will be able to go to our house is permissible.adjPwīdi is negated by 'indi'.'Ang hinug nga bugnay, pinya nga hinug, langka' nga hinug kag kabūgaw hay 'indi' pwīdi nga ka'ūnun ning dungan kay bāsi' kunu kung 'abūtun ka ning sakit nga sūka ma'ūyu.As for ripe bignay fruit, ripe pineapple, ripe jackfruit and pomelo, that these will be eaten at the same time is not expedient because they say you might be afflicted with diarrhea.
pwīdi1sp. var. ofpuydi1
pwīra kungsubord conjA particular action occurs, does not occur, or a situation exists, does not exist except when another action occurs or another situation exists.Diri sa Rumblun hay 'indi' na nātun mabati'an, pwīra sigūru kung kita hay magkadtu sa kabukīran.Here in Romblon we are no longer able to hear [old songs], except perhaps when we go to the country.cfbasta
pwirsāduadjvery much, very manySa pag'ugsung mu lang ning bunut kadanggadangga sa 'īmu lāwas 'ang ka'īnit kay pwirsādu 'ang bāga sa 'idāyum nang tapāhan.In your feeding of coconut husks the heat is very intense on your body because there are very many live coals under the smoking rack.cfmasyādu advveryNagka'ibahan kami 'ari nyan sa panawan hay siya gida hay pwirsādu kakūsug sa pagsāka' sa būkid.We associated with each other in a walking area today and really he was very strong in going up the hill.cfmasyādu
pwirtāhanvarpirtāhanna doorway, i.e., a door opening of a buildingDidtu nga dā'an sa pwirtāhan nang simbāhan, nagtināngis na si 'Īna.There without restraint at the doorway of the church, Ena kept on crying.Ngāni' 'āmun na pinangsaylu tanan 'ang daya sa pinakamalapit nga pirtāhan.So all the things were transferred by us at the nearest doorway.Sinīpa' 'ang pwirtāhan nang 'iya kwartu, na'abrihan; nakīta' niya nga si 'Īna hay nagatāngis nga nagadūhung kag naga'atūbang sa 'ispīhu.The doorway of her room was kicked; it was opened; [it] was seen by him that Ena was crying in which [she] was bowing [her] head and was facing the mirror.sara nang pwirtāhana door of a doorway
pwirtivSomething is done, happens extensively, intensively, vigorously.nagapwirtiDaw nagapwirti 'ang hūkay nang manga nyug kay masyādu nga kalingaw 'ang humbak.It seemed that the movement of the coconut palms happened vigorously and the waves were very noisy.
pwirtunthe birth canalKung gina'un'unan 'ang babayi, nagahambay 'ini sinda nga daw may nagaluwas sa 'inda ning pwirtu.When women are afflicted with a low womb, they say that it seems that there is something coming out of their birth canal.
pwistuna position or rank in a job, an organizationSinda hay matā'as 'ang pwistu; gāni' waya' sinda prublīma ma'āyu sinda sumūgu' sa manga piyun.As for them [they] have a high position; that's why they have no problem; they were good in commanding the laborers.synrangkuna location where someone or something is, or where an action occursAng 'inda pwistu hay sa kakantukantūhan gid.Their location was at the very corner.
pyanitu'anvarpyanitu'an nga niyugna semi-mature coconut fruit, about six months oldGrated and used either in making snack rolls pinā'is or rice cakes bibingka.
pyansanbail paid for the temporary release of a prisoner until the hearing
pyānuna pianonSomeone plays a piano.nagpyānu played a pianomagpyānuinfto play a piano'Antīgu si Lus magpyānu.Luz knows how to play a piano.
pyargingpyahanGingpyahan si Nilda nang 'iya 'amu kay siya hay ma'āyu nga tāwu.Nilda was trusted by his boss because she is a good person.gingpyahiWaya' gingpyahi ni Mistir Rāmus 'ang 'iya 'amīgu nga 'imaw 'ang magdumāya nang 'iya nigusyu.Mr. Ramos did not trust his friend the ones to manage his business.nagapyarvSomeone is trusted by someone else.Root-final r is dropped when the root is suffixed and h is added.Nagapyar 'ang nanay ni Maryu sa 'iya nga siya hay maga'iskwīla gid ning ma'āyu.The mother of Mario trusts him that he will study hard.pagpyarntrust of someone in someone else'Ang pagpyar ni lūla sa 'iya 'apu hay subra.The trust of grandmother to her grandchild is great.
pyasab'ahannan unripe cooking bananaEaten raw or cooked and eaten.specsab'agensab'acfbulihawlugkānun
pyimeas na nonspecific or specific number of feet; a linear measurement'Ang paglūbung nang bāru hay 'isa ka pyi 'ang dāyum.As for the burying of water pipes the depth should be one foot.Measurement in feet: 'isa ka pyi (not 'unu pyi or 'ūnu ka pyi) one foot; duha ka pyi, dus pyi two feet; tuyu ka pyi, tris pyi three feet, and so on.
pyirna pier or port where boats and ships dockNag'abut kami sa pyir nang Manīla' manga 'alas syīti nang 'āga.We arrived at the port of Manila at around seven o'clock in the morning.cfdunggū'anpantalan
pyīsana clothing, fishnet bundle'Ang pyīsa nang sāyap hay disi'ūtsu pīsus.A fishnet bundle is sixteen pesos.cfbugkus bugkus pūnu'1 pūnu'1 rulyu rulyu
pyista1sp. var. ofpista1
pyista2varpista2na fiesta, festival, feast dayvarkapyistāhanKāda pyista sa Rumblun 'igwa ning dirbi.During every fiesta in Romblon there is a special cockfighting event.Malapit na 'ang pista sa Lūnus; pabayli 'adtu.The fiesta in Lonos is near; that is the time of a benefit dance.'Ang kanta naman 'adtu, hay natutungud sa kapyistāhan ni Sinyur Santu Ninyu 'ang pagdiskubri nang Pilipīnas.As for that song, [it] is about the festival of the Holy Infant, [which relates] the discovery of the Philippines.vSomeone, an organization holds a fiesta.magpyistaHambay ni Tāta Gilbirt 'ang 'ilsī'i na lang kunu magadumāya hasta magpyista.Uncle Gilbert said that the L.C.A. will be the one to be in charge until they hold the fiesta.mapyistaManga 'upat na lang ka 'adlaw kag mapyista na sa Kunsipsyun.About four days and they will [then] hold a fiesta in Concepcion.Pyista nang PataynAll Saints' DayOn this day, some go to church for a mass for the dead mīsa para sa kalag. They go to the cemetery simintiryu bringing food, flowers, and candles which are placed on graves pantyun or in mausoleums bayaybāyay sa kampusantu. In the evening, from about 7 PM to 2 AM, people sit or stand around eating special food such as spaghetti ispaghīti or a noodle dish pansit and drinking gin dyin, rum tanduway and soft drinks for ladies.syn'Adlaw nang manga Patay