Romblomanon - English


pagahiwātun2gersomeone's holding of an eventGina'irgu ninda kung sa'unu ninda pagahiwātun 'ang pagpakasay nang 'inda manga 'unga'.When their holding of the wedding of their children [will occur] is being discussed by them.cfpabītapabītapaguwa'2paguwa'2pasā'utpasā'ut, sā'ut prugrāmaprugrāmag/infan event to be held'Ini nga prusisyun hay may manga minugsa'ut nga nagapasīyu pāra magpasāyud sa pumulūyu' nga may pagahiwātun nga paguwa' sa plāsa.During this religious procession there are folk dancers who roam around in order to inform the residents that there is a program that will be held in the plaza.cfpabītapaguwa'2pasā'utprugrāma
pagatpatna pagatpat mangrove treeSonneratia caseolaris (Linn.)Characterized by round, coarse leaves and erect spongy air roots. Grows in mangrove swamps katunggan along the upper stretches of tidal streams.