gamungersomeone's being accustomed to something'Ang manga magūyang nagapāti nga sa pagbāhuy nang 'inda manga 'unga' nga gamun sa trabāhu sa sākup nang 'inda bayay hasta sa 'inda pagdagku' 'imaw gihāpun 'ang 'inda manga batāsan.Parents believe that in their children's growing up being accustomed to household work until they become big that will continue to be their attitude [as adults].antmamag'uvSomeone is taught a particular custom or skill by someone else.gamununKung 'ang 'unga' hay gamunun mu lang gid nga nanay sa pagkinānam kag sa pagpinanumbāyay, magdagku' man 'ina' nga manga 'unga' hay waya' gid ning natun'an nga trabāhu.If the children are taught by you, the mother, in continually playing and in continually going [visiting] from house to house, those children will grow up without work which was able to be learned [by them].ginagamunGinagamun da nang manga magūyang sa pagtrabāhu sa sākup nang 'inda bayay mintras ma'intik pa 'ang 'inda manga 'unga'.Their children are taught by the parents in doing household work while they are still small.

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