gina-ineg locf affA person, place or thing is not or was not the location of an action performed by someone.This affix inflects a causative verb.May yāra' da nga waya' man ginasakiti ning tiyan.There are also some [people] who are not afflicted with stomach pain.'Ang natingayāhan ku, hay bāsi' waya' ginahuwasi ning sagnat?What I wondered was, why was it that [the child] was not relieved of the fever?Magbinākay kamu ning lamīsa kag bangku', pagkatāpus waya' nindu ginadahāni.You kept on buying tables and benches, [but] afterwards [they] were not taken care of by you.'Ang 'ākun manga 'unga' hay waya' gid nagabūlig sa 'ākun, waya' 'aku ginapaday'i ning kwarta.My children are not helping me; I am not being sent money [by them].cf- an - an gina-an giN-an -i -in-an4ka-an1na-anpag-an pag-i neg locf affA past negative locative focus affix *giN-i does not occur; see pag-i.cfgina-an -i pag-an pag-i

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